Why Bach Dang Street is an Unmissable Street for Travelers


Da Nang is a glamorous city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam with a variety of stunning attractions, from beautiful beaches and natural destinations to amazing Bana Hills and outstanding architectures.

Especially, on the left side of the poetic Han River, situated on the best location of Da Nang’s city, Bach Dang Street has become the most visited street, a very alluring and fantastic street. With perfect position and perfect view, Bach Dang is considered as the most charming street in Da Nang city.

Therefore, if you come to Da Nang, you should spend time to promenade and enjoy the beauty of this dynamic and splendid city, especially Bach Dang Street. You will be never disappointed with your decision.

Bach Dang street at night

Bach Dang Street in the past

Bach Dang Street is considered as a witness of history. It has been built from a very long time ago since the French Colonist was still in this city, when its name was Tourane. Bach Dang Street was not only important to Da Nang’s transportation with many key building, cultural centers but it also was a crucial trade port. It was very crowded with foreign ships from many countries.

The old Bach Dang port

Formerly, this road was called “Quai Courbet” (Quai: riverside pier, Courbet: name of a French admiral) which means the riverside road, but in 1956 its name was changed to Bach Dang Street and that name has been remained until today.

The old Bach Dang street

Han Market, a very big market of Da Nang was held on the street.  Also in this time, the Han Market is home to many businesses of Chinese, overseas Vietnamese and other local wealthy people. There was also a train station built in French Colonial time.

The riverside railway along Bach Dang Street
Han Market

Bach Dang Street nowadays

Bach Dang Street runs along the west bank of the Han River and is the heart of the city’s commercial and government district. This road is regarded as the glamorous destination of Da Nang city, a one way street is prolonged from Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture (or Dragon Bridge) to Nguyen Tat Thanh street. Taking a walk along this road will bring you a terrific opportunity to enjoy the whole wonderful view of Da Nang city as well as contemplate four famous and appealing bridges of Da Nang: Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge.

From two banks of the street, you can see the incessant development and prosperity of a dynamic and worth living city. The build up of many hotels, restaurants, high rise buildings… contribute to the formation of a charming and harmonious beauty of Da Nang.

A charming and harmonious beauty of Bach Dang Street

Located at 74 Bach Dang Street, Indochina Riverside Tower Shopping Mall is worth paying a visit. It includes 25 storeys which are a mixed use complex combining condominium apartments with high quality retail shopping, gourmet café and first class office space. Indochina Riverside Tower Shopping Mall satisfies visitors with luxurious café, restaurants and premier shopping stores mainly focusing on famous fashion brands and personal accessories.

Indochina Riverside Tower Shopping Mall

Nowadays, Bach Dang Street becomes an ideal place for traveling since it is home to many worthy destinations to visit and enjoy, including a range of luxurious hotels, many bars, coffee shops, gourmet restaurants, bookstore, markets,… along the road.

What makes Bach Dang street special is not only its flashy and sumptuous appearance but also the feeling it brings to people there: peaceful, comfortable and relaxing. The pace of life of this street around 14h00 to 17h00 is slow and deliberate, when elder people meet each other around a Chinese chess table. Chinese chess there is also called “Village’s chess” because when you play, everyone will gather around you like people in a village and talk, comment about every move or teach you how to play.

The locals play chess on Bach Dang Street

Bach Dang Street is also an ideal place to take a walk and chat about everything in your life. You will forget about all of your burdens and stresses and feel so calm and peaceful there.

The old take the fresh air and chat together on Bach Dang Street

Especially, in the morning the locals tend to go there doing exercises as well as taking fresh air which create energy for a new working day.

Things you should do on Bach Dang street

1. Walking

If you spend your whole daytime discovering Da Nang city, you should walk and enjoy fresh air as well as the beauty of this city at night on Bach Dang walking street. Bach Dang walking street has always been a bustling one at night. From there, people can enjoy the lightning designs of the bridges spanning across the river. The local people tend to come here for relaxing or chatting with their friends, family, lovers even promenading with their pets.

Bach Dang Walking Street


  • If you come here by motorbike or car, just lock and park them carefully on the parking lot on the road
  • Making signals when crossing the road
  • Watching out children with the traffic

2. Evening Boat Trip

If you do not take a walk along the walking street and want to look for something different, an evening Han River Dragon Boat trip along the river from Bach Dang street is an unique way to get some fresh air as well as to enjoy the whole view of Da Nang city. Contemplating the brilliant and colorful lighting city reflected on the calm Han River and super modern and charming bridges crossing the river in the boat will bring you a delightful and indescribable feeling.

Evening Boat Trip along Bach Dang Street

In addition to Han River Dragon Boat, many boats are landed in the roadside Bach Dang street (opposite Novotel Hotel), therefore you can easily book a tour. The trip on the boat will last an hour discovering Da Nang City at night along the Han River and you can stop at the Dragon Bridge to see it breathing fire and spouting water at weekends . Moreover, fresh seafood and drinks are also served in the boats for the demanding of customers.

3. Entertainment at night

Bach Dang street is one of the most modern and young streets of Da Nang. It is also the home of many bars and coffee shops which serve mostly foreign customers. You can come one of these places, have a beer and talk while enjoying the beauty of the bridges, the Han River at night.

Famous Bars and Coffee shops on Bach Dang Street

Besides a variety of expensive coffee shops or bars, the chain of coconut water or cane juice stores becomes perfect place to the locals and visitors for spending their free time with their friends, families on relaxing and chatting.

Bach Dang – Coconut Water Street

Some bars, coffee shops on Bach Dang street

4. Join events ad festivals

Bach Dang Street is also an entertaining location for organizing a lot of big events: Street Music Performance, Spring Flowers Street, Da Nang International Fireworks Festivals…which give you many wonderful chances to enjoy the beauty of this city and experience unforgettable moments.

Street Music Performance will take place on the walkside of Bach Dang street. The whole Da Nang city will always wait for this event. People are fond of listening to jubilant tunes and dancing together. The event is organized on Saturday of the second and forth weeks of the month, from March to October.

Street Music Performance on Bach Dang Street

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is an annual international fireworks competition hosted by Da Nang City. The first Da Nang International Fireworks Competition was held in 2008. Every year, the competition usually takes place at the end of April with the participation of 7-8 international competitors and the host is Da Nang City. It is usually organized starting on 29th, April.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

Each year, firework displays teams will perform in different themes, Bach Dang street is an ideal place for you and also the first choice of most the local here to experience a colorful party of firework performances on the Han River. The scenery is the most beautiful and majestic ever by night.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is held in Bach Dang Street, therefore, it was also named as Bach Dang Spring Flower Street by local citizens. If you have an opportunity to visit Da Nang in Tet holiday, you are very lucky since you can enjoy the Spring Flower Street which runs along the poetic Han River. This festival will take place during Vietnamese Tet holiday.

Spring Flowers Street on Lunar New Year’s Eve


  • You should go to Bach Dang Street as early as possible to get an ideal place enjoying the music performance or the fireworks
  • Around the road and on the riverside, there is parking area, you can park your cars, motorbikes carefully and cross the road to see the fireworks

5. Shopping

Han Market

If you are enthusiastic about shopping, Han Market can be a good choice. It is one of the biggest markets in Da Nang. Han Market supplies a wide variety of commodities such as fabric, clothes, footwear, fresh fruits, flowers, fish sauce, etc with reasonable prices.