White Reeds Blooming in City


White reeds often grow in clusters and their blooming period often lasts about 3 weeks.

In Da Nang, white reeds begin to bloom starting from early November and they help to beautify our seaside city. Reed fields are very inviting to young local residents and visitors  who want to pose for photos and save their unforgettable memories with their friends there.

Interestingly, the reed fields can now be found in vacant land lots along a section of Hoang Sa Street from the East Sea Park to the Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra District, along Le Van Duyet Street, and a winding road along the Hai Van Pass.

Let’s explore the beauty of white reeds which are in bloom in our city through some amazing photos

A field of white reeds at the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula
The pure beauty of blooming reeds.
The reeds by the Han River ….
… and in urban areas.
Young people posing for souvenir photos with the reeds.
The blooming period of the white reeds lasts only 3 weeks, so people take advantage of good weather to save their memorable moments with these beautiful plants.