Useful Tips for Fireworks Watching Trip in Da Nang


Da Nang city which is located along the coast of Central Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s most important port cities. Da Nang is not only known as its dynamic, youthful and modern images but also for its unique bridges, sandy beaches and attractive destinations. Furthermore, Da Nang city is also famous for the unique festival becoming the brand name – Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF). To enjoy the most memorable travel experience in Da Nang during this time, keep the following tips in your pocket.

Useful Tips for Fireworks Watching Trip in Da Nang

Best places to see fireworks

1. Buy seat tickets in the stands.

Many people plan to get to the event early to have a good seat. If you do not want to be stuck in the crowd, you can purchase tickets with higher price is to sit in a favorable position of firework area. The stand is directly opposite the fireworks shoot. So it’s the best option.

Useful Tips for Fireworks Watching Trip in Da Nang

Not everyone is able to get tickets because of ticket limitation. The later you book tickets, the more costly they are. It may increase double or more than 5 to 10 times compared with the normal price. You should book your ticket in advance to obtain the hottest tickets at reasonable prices and the most convenient seats, so you can enjoy the spectacular fireworks displays as well as musical performances on the main stage.

Check the price for Da Nang International Festival Ticket here

2. On the terrace of many storey Da Nang hotels and restaurants

Although the stand is the prime place to admire the performances, it’s not the only point to enjoy the fireworks. There are numerous restaurants, hotels, buildings along the Han River where you can get the best view of firework. For this way, you have to pay a higher price than normal rates, but in return you will be assured to have great vision and not to be intermingled by thousands of people.

Recommended top best hotels to see fireworks

3. Cruise on the Han River

There is also a more impressive way to enjoy the fireworks. It’s going sailing on Han River. The experience is extremely interesting, poetic and romantic. You will have a chance to see the fireworks at nearest distance and enjoy the performance and music completely. Of course, this service must be reserved in advance.

Useful Tips for Fireworks Watching Trip in Da Nang

Recommended well service cruise on Han river

4. Immure yourself with locals on many main streets (free)

And if you do not even have a place in the stands, no accommodation at the restaurant, hotel, tour boats, you can still admire fireworks. How?

That is immuring yourself in thousands of Da Nang people. It’s a fun and FREE thing to do.

Useful Tips for Fireworks Watching Trip in Da Nang

After many years of experiencing the professional fireworks , you can be assured of the city’s transport and security. You should arrive about 1 hour earlier and stand to reserve your places on the Han River Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Bach Dang and Tran Hung Dao street. They are considered as the ideal locations in Da Nang to watch fireworks. However, from these points, you are unable to hear the theme music and some fireworks on the water surface.

How to get to the fireworks site


Once hold tickets to the fireworks on hand, depending on your accommodation, you need to decide to walk or take taxi or ride motorbike to the fireworks site.

  • International Fireworks Festival Da Nang was held on the Han River every year. So guests staying at the hotel along the Han River in Da Nang can walk comfortably.
  • For guests staying at the Da Nang coastal hotel or downtown hotels, it depends on the distance. If the distance is over 3km you should choose taxi, if not, you should have a walk to enjoy the beautiful city views.
  • Besides, travelers can rent a motorbike earlier to travel around Da Nang. It’s a convenient way that many locals use. There are many parking lots with listed ticket prices of the Da Nang City People’s Committee.

2. Parking fees

  • Cycling: 2,000 VND
  • Motorcycles: 5,000 VND
  • Automotive under 9 seats: 30,000 VND / vehicle,
  • Automotive 9-30 seats: 50,000 VND / vehicle,
  • Automotive over 30 seats: 70,000 VND / vehicle.

You should park vehicles far 500 m from fireworks viewing area and join the walk to the venue. That will be fun. Because you are in a harmony of the local flow on streets. In order to ensure safety and stability traffic, the organizers allow the parking lot a 1km radius from the fireworks site.

What to bring

Camera: Although all smartphones are equipped with a camera but if you want to keep the most lively moments, a camera is indispensable.
Comfortable shoes: You will have to walk 1km to shooting site. Moreover, the contest period is also quite long and you mostly stand to see fireworks.
Snacks and drinks: You can prepare fruits, soft drinks and a canvas. It’s great idea to sit down and have some snack while having break time.

Where to go during the day

The International Fireworks Festival is hold at night so it’s advisable to plan for a day trip when you are in Da Nang. These are activities you may want to join in: Da Nang Food Tour By Motorbike, Home Cooking ClassDa Nang Day Trip

If you want to get away from Da Nang, take a Marble Mountain – Hoi An tour. The tour offers many programs and activities as climbing Marble Mountain, visiting the Non Nuoc stone caving village, visiting Hoi An world Heritage and enjoy the specialties of Hoi An. On the second day, you can enjoy Bana Hill Day Trip, a wonderful land with 4 seasons on a day, sitting on the world’s longest cable car to admire Vong Nguyet hill, Linh Ung Pagoda and especially enjoy Golden Bridge. In addition, you may participate in Sea Walk and Snorkeling Tours at the Cham Island. Come back to the city center at night to enjoy the greatest moment in your life. It will never let you down.


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