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Do you want to travel with a low budget but you don’t know where to find the best and cheapest booking sites, flights and hotels? On this page, you can find a collection of travel tips and recommendations that help you to travel on a budget in Asia or in other parts of the world.

The first phases of budget traveling are always careful planning, checking the price level of the destination and searching cheap flights and accommodations. After this, it is much easier to evaluate the travel budget realistically and you won’t face unpleasant surprises during your trip. You should take your time with the planning in order to save money and travel on a small budget.



An amazing website for accommodation in Asia. This should be your primary accommodation website for guesthouses and hotels in Asia. They have the most robust inventory and offer the best rates.

Lets you book hotels without putting money down. Cancel bookings without a charge (an asset when you need proof of address for visas)


Been traveling for a long-time? There would be time that you would love privacy away from hostel dorms. Rent a room, apartment, or villa in an affordable price through AirBnB.

Sleeping in Airports

If you ever get stuck with an overnight layover, this is a great guide to how and where to sleep in just about any airport in the world.


Luxstay is an exclusive one-stop destination for booking and listing short-term and vacation accommodations in Vietnam.


This website allows you to stay on people’s couches or spare rooms for free. It’s a great way to save money while meeting locals who can tell you much more about a city than you will find out in a hostel/hotel.



Searches airlines and other booking sites to help you find the cheapest flights. Flexible search options like searching an entire month or year, or search from one airport to “everywhere.” It even has low cost carriers, which aren’t found in all flight booking engines.

Google Flights

If you know where you’re departing from, Google Flights allows you to see the prices of different destinations all around the world. This is great to use if you’re not sure where you want to go but are just looking for a good deal. They also suggest different dates for cheaper flights.


Flight booking search engine that searches through all the other major sites.



Easiest way to plan and book your Southeast Asia transportation in advance. Trains, buses, vans, ferries… Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.


12Go.Asia is your go-to site when booking a bus, train, or ferry around Southeast Asia. They cover all major bus, train, or ferry companies across Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Get a hassle-free private transfer to and from the airport in 250+ cities around the world. Depending on the length of your trip, it could be a lot cheaper than parking at the airport.

Dichung Taxi

Dichung Taxi is a ridesharing website that lets you share rides with vetted local drivers by pitching in for gas. You simply request a seat, they approve, and off you go. Prices can be a lot cheaper than other means of transport.



Viator has thousands of tours and activities in hundreds of destinations worldwide, many of which are lead by local tour guides. It’s also possible to book mainstream experiences through the platform at competitive rates. Viator is a preferred booking platform for travelers worldwide.


The site offers thousands of hand-picked travel activities and attractions and is a popular booking platform for Asian tourists. They have a best price guarantee and will match rates you find elsewhere.


Vietnam-visa is your one-stop-shop for visa assistance. They provide an outstanding assistance to get Vietnam visa. All you need to do is ready and complete your documents and Vietnam-visa will do the rest. They also offer free advice for you to have a smooth and fast process for your visa.


World Nomads

World Nomads is the best travel insurance in the market. It’s ideal for backpackers and adventurous travelers. If you are going “off the beaten track” or plan to do extreme sports, Nomads should be the first option. If you buy the “Explorer” plan, they will cover everything. From skateboarding and diving to surfing to off-piste skiing.



The biggest online community of travellers. This is the first (and often, last) stop for vacation planners. Not only can you book flights, hotels, car rentals, and get tickets for attractions here, but you also get a amazing breadth of reviews and tips from real travellers. The destination guides on TripAdvisor are often much better (more up-to-date and more detailed) than the expensive guide books in your bookstore.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the biggest and most practical travel guides out there. The guides range from specific countries with super detailed information to larger guides for a continent like Europe or Asia, giving you more general information with just the most important points. Another thing that it doesn’t only talk just about tourist attractions, but also about the history, customs, politics, sports, and other information about the selected country or region. And don’t forget to check their online forums where you can ask specific questions about your trip destinations.


The pages are like Wikipedia page but arranged specifically for travel. It’ll give you all of the important information about your chosen destination to help you decide if you really want to visit it and what you should see and do there. Besides this, it’ll give you other interesting information about history, geography, politics, how to arrive, transportation, culture, etc…. and best of all…. it’s free



If you’re looking to make a little extra money, teaching languages on italki may be worth considering. The flexibility and convenience of working from home is a huge benefit. You can set your own hours, prices, and aren’t required to accept everyone who requests a class from you.

Let’s TEFL

Teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to earn money while living overseas. Having a TEFL qualification means that it’s easier to find a job and you’ll earn more money. Let’s TEFL courses can be taken completely online, is widely recognised, and is cheaper than their competition.

Go Abroad

Whether you’re looking for a teaching job, farm work, hospitality job, work in the mountains or any other type of work, the Go Abroad job board has it all. This job board is perfect as you can filter results based on country and type of job. I recommend that everyone check out this job board.


Volunteering while traveling opens up new possibilities that you would have never thought of. Besides free accommodation and food, you gain new skills, good memories and friends. On Workaway, you can find all kinds of works around the world from farming to teaching languages.


Helpx is another site to look for volunteering places if you cannot find a suitable job on Workaway for some reason. The layout and usability are not as good as on Workaway but Helpx is a popular site anyways.


Hostgator is the best hosting company and great for bloggers just starting out. Their prices are cheap and their servers stay on

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