Top Exciting Tours of Surrounding Da Nang


Da Nang is a wonderful city with many beautiful beaches, mountains and tourist attractions. However, let’s forget about the gorgeous Beaches or the breathtaking scenery of Marble Mountains for a moment. Numerous Beyond the cities and other sightseeing & day tours are waiting for you to explore.

Hue Day Tour from Da Nang

Top Exciting Tours of Surrounding Da Nang

If you are in love with the history of Vietnam and want to learn more about last dynasty of Nguyen since 1802 to 1945, so this trip is one of the must day tour you should try. Local tour will bring you to see the famous places in this old city such as Imperial city or royal palace; the 400 years old Heaven Lady pagoda and the mausoleum of Nguyen Dynasty. Everything is so beautiful, scenery and solemn. Remember to make note that you can enjoy the ride on Hai Van Pass with the stunning view from the sea, the mountain and the pass road.

Some of the best Hue day tour from Da Nang

Hoi An Day Tour from Da Nang

Top Exciting Tours of Surrounding Da Nang

You could not miss out Hoi An when you are visiting Da Nang city. If Da Nang is a modern city with long bridges, high building, Hoi An is a peaceful place with ancient town, traditional villages, green rice fields …You can easily book a car to Hoi An, then walking around the old town. However a local tour arranged by local agent is a better choice. You could discover the rice and fascinating history of Vietnam with this one-day tour from Da Nang. There are 2 parts for Hoi An trip: Hoi An ancient town and local villages. Travel back in time as you explore the various landmarks in the area, such as the 400-year old Japanese Covered Bridge and a selection of centuries-old houses that follow different architectural styles like Chinese, Japanese, French, and European. Then you could be transfered to Cam Thanh water coconut village or cycle around Cam Kim carpentry village. Each village has its own unique.

Some of the best Hoi An day tour from Da Nang

My Son Sanctuary Day Tour from Da Nang

Top Exciting Tours of Surrounding Da Nang

A visit to My Son Sanctuary will make your holiday in Hoi An or Da Nang even more unforgettable. Start your cultural exploration and unveil the past of the ancient Kingdom of Champa at this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See mesmerizing temple towers that shed light into its important past when Champa served as the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom. Follow the experienced guide, and ask as many questions as you want to learn more about the history.

Well rated My Son day tour

Cham Islands Day Tour from Da Nang

Top Exciting Tours of Surrounding Da Nang

If you like snorkeling, or swimming into navy water, so going to Cham Island is a must activity for your holiday. Cham Island is a cluster of 8 islands that is 16km from the shore of Hoi An, with a lot of wonderful beaches and nice coral rift, scenery spots. The friendliness of locals, yummy seafood, nice swimming places, and white sand will make your holiday memorable.

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