Top 7 Places To Take Wedding Photos in Da Nang


Da Nang, the most worth living city in Vietnam, is naturally blessed with river, mountain, and beach that make up a captivating landscape. Indeed, this city has the 7 ideal places to take wedding photos in Da Nang City. The 7 standouts help the bride and groom to create the most romantic albums.

Bien Dong Ocean Park – Dawn with the dove

The beaches in Da Nang are transparently blue all year round, with the white sandbank and the clean water zone for everybody to capture the impeccable wedding albums. The ideal addresses should be Bien Dong Ocean Park, which are highly selected by the bride and groom out there. The romantic and mesmerizing photos of many happy couples have been taken fantastically in various flattering beach angles.

Romantic as ‘hell’

If you arrive on beautiful days, you can see a romantic scene like ‘film‘ and are extremely enamored by white bridesmaid dresses in the sunshine of early morning dawn and into the dove trying flying into sky.

Bai Da – Peace along the waves

Ideal location for wedding photography

Located close to the Coast of Son Tra Peninsula, this place has not only blue sea but also a space for shooting the most beautiful scenes in Da Nang. With the north chapel on the rocky shore, the wooden bridge leading to the sea, you will be immersed in the high sky, yellow sunshine and the waves whistling beautifully in white.

Love Bridge – Romantic and nostalgic

The Love Bridge is one of the most romantic outdoor scenes in Da Nang that any couple should visit when in Da Nang. Located at DHC Marina, Love Bridge, with sparkling lanterns and hundreds of locks connected to each other that keep the love of young couple, is the a place of a romantic nostalgia like rustic love in the old days.

Place for romantic and nostalgic wedding photography

Located between the Dragon Bridge and the Statue of Carp Becoming a Dragon, with open space between the romantic Han River, the bridge is simple, but the place looks as beautiful and modern as other love bridges in the world.

Hai Van Pass – The world’s most marvellous wonder

Wedding Photography at Hai Van Pass

The fanciful fairy landscape of Hai Van Pass colors your wedding album as wished. It is the green forest and twisting road in the Pass that makes your pictures worthwhile and imposing. More and more couples appreciate Hai Van Pass and feel inspiring to make the desirable postures for the professional photography right in this monumental place.

Bana Hills – One temperate place in the tropical forest

Wedding Photography at Bana Hills

The hill station and French-style village in Bana Hills is reputable for the fairy beauty as the fairyland. Together with the Marble Mountain and Son Tra Mountain, this touristy hill becomes a must for the loving couples to begin their longing wedding photographs. Almost every angle here is flattering and glorious enough for the imposing shots. Some beautiful shots even don’t need to use Photoshop.

Than Tai Hot Springs Park – Young and Luxurious

Wedding Photography at Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Than Tai Hot Springs Park is a good place to take pictures in Da Nang and is popular with young people here. With majestic mountains, natural beauty and unique architectural design, this place is not only a great place for relaxation and fun but also a place where you can capture the beautiful shots.

Pine Forest – Hidden suburban area of Da Nang

Wedding Photography at the pine forest outside Da Nang

If you are the nature lovers who appreciate the pristine charm of nature, the pine forest in the suburban regions of Da Nang City suits you best. The pine forests have numerous flattering angles for the bride and groom to express their sweetness before the cameras. If dressed appropriately, both will look very charming. The moments that you play in the pine forest will last long for the everlasting happiness in the rest of the year.

Top 7 most beautiful scenes to wedding photos in Da Nang for outdoor photography is not only favorite places for local people but also where photographers and models all over the country want to come. If you have never been to these places before, make a to-do-list to discover right now.