To Pack List


Following is a list of things that you must or should take along

  • Passport with all applicable documents (visa, vaccination record, etc.) and extra passport-sized photos
  • A piece of paper with all the following information: Your passport number ; Family’s contact from your home country ; Your bank’s phone number in case you lose your bank cards ; Your embassy’s address and phone number in Viet Nam ; Emergency number (police, ambulance) ; Your hotel phone and address (if you have booked in advance)
  • Emergency Kit and Insect Repellent
  • Camera and batteries or charger
  • Medicines if you have existing prescriptions
  • Your travel guide book
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: 45 SPF should be enough for the severity of heat and sunray in Viet Nam.
  • Underwear: bring lots
  • Swimsuits: if you are planning for the beach
  • Footwear: if you plan to walk a lot, bring a pair of walking shoes. Flip-flops are also popular options. However, sandals are recommended if you want to visit pagodas, museums and mausoleums.

Below is a list of what you might or might not want to take depending on your need

  • Mobile phone, laptop, music player and respective chargers
  • Travel Diary
  • Sanitary paper or tampons, if you are really loyal to your brand
  • Reading materials
  • Ipod or MP3 player