Gieng Troi (The Well of God): Info and Tips


Not only is Da Nang famous for its beautiful beaches, but it also has stunning landscapes. If you are looking for a place with fresh and wild beauty, then Gieng Troi (also known as the Well of God) is an ideal choice. This destination is found deeply inside the forest and becomes an attractive place for adventurous youngsters.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Gieng Troi location

About 35 km west of Da Nang city center, Gieng Troi is situated in the middle of the primeval forest of Ba Na – Nui Chua Mountain (Bà Nà – Núi Chúa). Thanks to its convenient location which is near the mountain’s peak and covered by greens along with a high waterfall, the space here is always cool and pure all year round.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Best time to visit Gieng Troi

Summer months (from June to September) are the best time to go to Gieng Troi. During this time, the weather is sunny and windy, making your travel more enjoyable and convenient.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Although you can explore Gieng Troi at any time of the day, the best time is early in the morning. This is the time when the sun has not yet risen, so the air is fresh, cool and not too hot, avoiding fatigue and loss of strength during travel.

The breathtaking beauty of Gieng Troi

Gieng Troi Da Nang was formed by an impact of nature. The essence of this is a waterfall pouring down from the upstream, but because of the familiar mouth, the locals call it Gieng Troi. The reason why it is called as Gieng Troi (The Well of God) is thanks to a lake with green water located in the middle of the mountain.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Around Gieng Troi is covered with a green color of forest trees especially banana trees, bringing a cool atmosphere even in summer. Unlike other famous attractions, this place still retains its wild and mysterious beauty.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Despite Gieng Troi impresses with wide and deep streams, there are still some shallow stretches which are suitable for those tourists who do not know swimming to wade through.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Unforgettable experiences at Gieng Troi

Coming to Gieng Troi, you can immerse yourself in nature, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have wonderful experiences.

Enjoy the “natural swimming pool”

Gieng Troi is located near the mountain’s peak so the water here is that it is always cool. After going a long way to reach to Gieng Troi, swimming in cool and clear water will give you a great feeling.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Interestingly, there are many banana trees around Gieng Troi. You can use them to make rafts. Lying on your handmade raft and immersing yourself in the wild will be something that you will never forget in your life.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Swing like Tarzan

This site has many old trees with long roots hanging down to create swinging ropes. You can easily enjoy the transformation of Tarzan by choosing a rope and swinging in the middle of the forest. In addition, you can create hammocks by connecting strings close together, these “hammocks” will give you a very new feeling.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Catch fish

There are many types of fish in Gieng Troi. The majority of them are seahorses. Watching and teasing the fish swimming around the rock is an interesting and funny experience. If you are fortunate enough, you can catch a few fish and cook them into tasty dishes.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Overnight camping

There is a lot of open space here, very suitable for setting up camping tents, spreading canvas for picnics. Before coming, you need to prepare sleeping tents, sleeping bags, clothes, and essential items so that you can spend a memorable night outdoors with friends and relatives.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

One thing to note when camping overnight here is not to set up a tent that is too big. Because the terrain in Gieng Troi is not flat, setting up a large tent will make it unstable.

Getting to Gieng Troi

To start your trip to Gieng Troi, it is best to depart early in the morning when the air is fresh and it is not sunny. It is ideal to use a motorbike to visit go to Gieng Troi. It takes about 4 hours to go from Da Nang city center to Gieng Troi.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

To reach to Gieng Troi, you need to go to Ba Na. The road from Da Nang city center to Ba Na is quite safe and convenient. When going to Khe Mooi Bridge (cầu Khe Moọi), look to the left, you will see a road (which is rather dirty) leading to Gieng Troi. Park your vehicle in Ba Na and go on foot.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

The road to Gieng Troi is a bumpy 15 km long forest road which is a trail made by foresters, with many vertical slopes. There are a number of thick and damp foliages on the road and the surrounding rocks are covered with green moss. Since some roads are probably covered by trees, so you have to carefully route your way to avoid getting lost. Along the way, you can see butterflies with so many gorgeous colors. This is actually a trekking because you have to cross mountainous road of more than 10 km long, of which about 3 km is rather hard to go.

Notes when traveling to Gieng Troi

Gieng Troi is a destination that is suitable for just people in a good health.

  • As Gieng Troi is very primitive and does not have many travel services, you should go in groups to warrant safety. Besides, members in the group can also support each other throughout the journey.
  • Do not separate groups or go separately to avoid getting lost.
  • You do not have to pay any fees to have fun at Gieng Troi.
  • On the way to Gieng Troi, if you get lost, do not get panicked. Stop and wait for the loggers to pass by and ask for directions.
  • Do not forget to clear the rubbish before leaving.
  • Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Coming to Gieng Troi, you will be immersed in that wonderful scenery. There is no noise and bustle of the streets, but instead the clear sound of nature. Gieng Troi is an address not to be missed in the Da Nang travel itinerary.