Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park



Address: Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City

Open time: 07h00 – 22h00 Everyday

Ticket: Get online or ticket counter

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Visit duration: 4 hours

Why Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park is special

It is no coincidence that Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park has become one of the most popular spots. This place is not only bestowed a majestic natural beauty but also owns hot mineral flow from Ba Na Nui Chua with the highest mineral content in the country.

The hot mineral springs originating from the sacred mountain of Ba Na Nui Chua brings to the Nui Than Tai a precious resource than ever. With its high mineral content combined with natural methods and ingredients selected by Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park and specifically designed to provide the best health care results, high-qualified services such as hot bath bungalows, mud bath, Japanese Onsen bath,… will help you to refresh, relax and regain your energy immediately after experiencing.

What to explore at Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park

With the desire to bring visitors an interesting tourist destination, but still keep and preserve the most original beauty that nature has given, Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park has skillfully combined the romantic landscape and modern architecture to create amazingly beautiful place. From the pools overlooking the vast mountain forests to the murmuring streams fused between the mineral baths, standing anywhere on this 60-hectare campus, you are also immersed in the beauty of this place like in a masterpiece.

Stream-side paths

Coming to Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, you should walk under a path shadowed by green trees with beautiful flowers and tasty fruits. The natural stream is kept originally with its existing wild beauty, remarked by some bridges crossing which may captivate tourists. Spend interesting time walking by yourself, and it would be more wonderful if you can have your friends or beloved ones to be with you.

Water Park

The most special thing at Than Tai Mountain is that you can experience a huge wave pool on the mountainside with the area of up to 1532m2. A minimized sea with coconut trees swaying in the wind and voices of waves… You can have bath in the blue water and enjoy beautiful natural scene.

Dragon Acupuncture Lake

Located in the middle of Thanh Long – Bach Ho Hill, the lake is surrounded by natural stones. There is a monolith right in the middle of the lake which is also the acupuncture of dragon (dragon acupuncture), where originates vitality, the beginning of all most quintessential things, where water is revealed. At this place, you can see smoke showing that the water is from a natural groundwater.

Around this acupuncture is two other big stones representing “Thanh Long Bach Ho” to protect the most previous property – the mineral water. This is the premise of “Thanh Long Bach Ho” Hills meaning to protect the vitality originals, bringing wealth, richness and health to human.

Jacuzzi pool

Jacuzzi pool also called as hydraulic massage pool is one of the unique places in Nui Than Tai. Jacuzzi pool is located at the swimming pool area and children’s play area, with views toward to the natural lake and the road along streams will make visitors like as in the middle of a green fresh oasis, help you have moments of relax in the open and airy space.

Onsen tower

Onsen is not only a traditional bath type, known as a relaxation therapy; fatigue release that is hidden with deep humanist meaning story. The Japanese said that with nude bathing in the hot mineral waters such as Onsen, it will make everyone the same, the boundary between the rich – poor, officials – popular classes are removed.

Onsen baths will make you hungry and thirsty. At this time, you will enjoy eggs boiled directly from mineral springs. Just boiled eggs in the natural hot mineral water of 90oC, but due to reacting with mineral sources, these eggs are extremely nutritious. Legend has it that eating these eggs; you can add up to three years of life.

Longevity egg

One of the first activities when coming to Nui Than Tai is eating this special longevity egg. After Onsen bathing, you’ll feel hungry and thirsty, then, do not forget to enjoy hot egg boiled from the precious hot springs resource. Legend, eggs are a healthy food with yolk and albumen that envelop each other like yin and yang (yolk is yang, albumen is yin) and combined with hot mineral sources from the hot spring will bring a means of extremely precious method.

Mud Arena

Another interesting collective activity that is waiting you when coming to Than Tai hot spring Park is the “Mud arena”. Can you remember what did you most like in childhood? Do you remember the last time that you played football in the rain on a muddy field, do you remember the time of shooting marbles without noticed on dirty clothes? Do you remember how did you feel?

Getting to Than Tai Hot Spring Park

From Da Nang international airport: 28 km away, go by motorbike or taxi

From Da Nang train station: 30 km away, go by motorbike or taxi

From Hoi An ancient town: 60 km away, go by taxi


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