Thousands Year Banyan Tree: Info & Guide


Located at 10 km Northeast far from the center of Da Nang, Son Tra peninsula is a beautiful and must go place in Da Nang. It offers a diverse ecosystem and many famous attractions. One of the most attractive place is the  thousands year banyan tree.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Thousands year banyan tree location

Along with Da Den (Black Stone), Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co Peak… thousands year banyan tree is one of the symbols of Son Tra peninsula. Situated on the height of 700 m, the tree stands majestically with luxuriant and interlacing foliage.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Son Tra banyan tree also known as the high mountain banyan tree, belongs to the Mulberry family with more than 800 years old, 22 m high, the circumference of the main stem and the cluster of sub-stems is up to 85 m. Branches and main trunk, sub-body connected, firmly connected to create a solid stand for the tree over the centuries.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

The origin of thousands year banyan tree 

Since being discovered in 1771, Son Tra banyan tree was considered as one of the most majestic tree of Vietnam.

During the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American empire, the location of the Son Tra banyan tree was chosen by forces, militia and self-defense forces as a hiding place, gathering to exchange information.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

In June 2014, the tree was officially recognised as one of Vietnam heritage trees by the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environmental Protection. It is also the first heritage tree of Da Nang.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Best time to visit heritage tree

Situated in the deep zone of Son Tra Nature Reserve, the best time to visit the heritage tree is from March to September. At that time, the weather is sunny and dry, with little rain and storms, suitable for sightseeing and exploring.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Interesting experiences at thousands year banyan tree

The thousands year banyan tree on Son Tra peninsula, with its giant trunk of a strange shape and thick leafy canopy, is considered a “green treasure” of Da Nang.

Admire the majestic heritage tree

The banyan tree is located on the left-hand side of the forest and faces the sea. The shape of the tree is extremely large with many side branches growing out and crashing into the ground, creating a very impressive scene.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

In front of the old tree, there is a stone plate stating that this is a tree of the silkworm, with a height of 22m, the circumference of the tree is 85m. The age of the tree is more than 800 years.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

In the middle of the stone plate, there are two paths, to go up to the banyan tree. The steps are covered with green moss. Above the area of the banyan tree, there are rows of stone benches for visitors to rest.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Going around the banyan tree many side branches are growing into the ground. Going to the main base of the banyan tree, the roots are bent and clinging to the cliffs with strange shapes, to see the intense vitality of nature here.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Enjoy green, clean and pristine space

The area of ​​the ancient banyan tree has a quiet space, you can rest, enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea, sit and talk, look at the blue sea and “chill” to the rustling sound of the trees. leaves, trees.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Discover diverse jungle

Son Tra forest is a nature conservation forest and a natural forest ecosystem associated with the sea. This place is very biologically diverse, with nearly 1000 species of plants and fauna including 380 species.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

The image representing the Son Tra peninsula is the Douc langur, known as the primate queen. Besides, a point to note is that there are many monkeys here.

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Reviews thousands year banyan tree on Tripadvisor

We came across the Son Tra Peninsula’s famous Banyan Tree when we were on our way to the InterContinental Hotel. We were not really interested in the tree as such, but our guide insisted we do the mini trail to see the historic tree. The tree was apparently more than 800 years old and was a landmark during the war in Vietnam. The tree has many branches, but I wouldn’t really recommend that people go visit this place on their visit to Son Tra/Da Nang.

nrm77 (London, UK)

Very cool place to visit while on Son Tra Peninsula.
Cone in late afternoon while peaceful.

Vietnam1988 (Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam)

From Laddy Buddha, ride further the peninsula by the coast road Hoang Sa, you may see this huge tree. Nice sceneries on the way.

Tam Le Vietnam (Hoi An, Vietnam)

Getting to thousands year banyan tree 

About 20 km from Da Nang city center to the East of the city, to get here, you can go by many different means such as self-driving and motorbikes. The road on Son Tra peninsula is paved so it is very smooth, but the terrain is quite steep. If you go by motorbike, you need a very strong engine and full fuel tank before you depart, so you should booking a private car.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Starting from the Dragon bridge, move out towards the direction of My Khe beach. Follow the sea road Vo Nguyen Giap and follow the sea. Continue moving to the end of the seaway. There will be an intersection between Hoang Sa and Le Van Luong streets. Follow the right-hand direction to go up Son Tra peninsula. Go about 9 km to Bai Bac fork. From Bai Bac junction, it only takes about 4 km more to reach the banyan tree.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Thousands year banyan tree is a typical and live entity of peninsula. You can feel and experience green, clean and pristine space without any impacts on the ecological environment, natural growth of nature and animals in this beautiful peninsula.