Da Nang was known as a safe place all day and night. Police officers make regular patrols in the professional way and they are willing to help. Be assured that Da Nang is safe and keeps you away from stealing.

Safety tips when travelling in Da Nang

  • Keep your money, valuables and identity documents in safe place
  • Be careful in crowded tourist area
  • Be careful with suspicious invitations and temptations
  • Be watchful against invitations to gamble or investment

Emergency phone numbers

  • Police: 113
  • Fire: 114
  • Ambulance: 115
  • Telephone directory: 116
  • Da Nang Visitor Center: (84) 236 3550 111
  • Inquiry: 1080
  • Information Center at Da Nang International Airport: (84) 236 3616 256

Emergency Words

EmergencyKhẩn cấp
Help meGiúp tôi
AccidentTai nạn
InjuredBị thương
UnconsciousBất tỉnh
BleedingChảy máu
Heart attackĐau tim
StrokeĐột quỵ
DrowningChết đuối
TemperatureBị sốt
Very sickBị bệnh nặng
I am in labourTôi sắp sinh
Need a doctorCần bác sĩ
Need an ambulanceCần xe cứu thương
I am being burgledTôi bị mất trộm