Popular Nail Salons


Listed below are some of the city’s most popular nail shops where you can look for a quick beauty treatment, and find the most creative nail designs, perfect manicures and the neatest pedicures.

Thy Thy Nail Salon

Since its operation in 2003, the Thy Thy Nail Salon has become increasingly popular with locals and visitors, particularly with the expats who live and work in the city. Regular expat customers are from the UK, Australia, the USA, Korea, Japan and Spain, and they also bring their visiting relatives and friends to experience an excellent manicure and pedicure.

Nail art is especially popular among the salon’s Vietnamese customers who like having colourful and intricate designs to accessorise a special occasion outfit. As well as nail care, the salon offers a wide range of waxing services and facial treatments. It also offers manicure and pedicure training courses at her salon.

Zozo Nail Salon

Zozo Nail Salon offers a full range of beauty treatments. In terms of nails, the salon’s employees can help you get pretty much anything they want from basic French nails to artistic 3D art.

This salon has been very popular with locals and foreign visitors who want to find gel nail patterns marketed according to the seasons, on-trend colours, and special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

In addition to nail care, the salon offers such services as hair washing, and facial, shoulder and head massage.

Ka Ka Nail Salon

Being one of the city’s nicest nail salons, Ka Ka Nail Salon boasts new pedicure chairs and gorgeous granite manicure bars to cover all your nail needs, including the latest nail-art looks. In addition, there are hundreds of different colour nails.

This salon also specialises in acrylics and nail extensions, so if you’re a nail-biter seeking longer, more natural looking nails, this is an ideal place to visit.

Queen Nail Salon

With its airy and clean decoration, the Queen Nail Salon is a venue where you can sit back and relax as expert therapists treat their nails to a new coat of colour or thorough nail-repair service.