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Your home far from home. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses while traveling. . Depending on the length of your trip you will opt for hotels, home stays, rent an apartment or even crash on a friends couch. I hope this recommendation below is helpful for you.



To get from point A to point B can be challenging and costly. Or hassle free and affordable, it depends on where you do your research [you should do it!] and what tools do you use. To compare flights you should check Wego, and SkyScanner. To find the best bus or train tickets in Da Nang (or anywhere else in Southeast Asia) you should use 12Go Asia as well as Baolau.com. At the destination, in addition to  the public transportation (Danang Bus), you don’t forget Grab Taxi (friendly).


Despite, Vietnam is more peaceful and safer than other countries in Southeast Asia, you should be not crazy to travel there without an insurance. If anything happens to you, your equipment or luggage, you will be covered. Also, everything sorted online, easy peasy. Of course, the World Nomads is the best deal and It’s available for most nationalities.


  • For ticket bookings or tour that you can find it on Klook, Viator
  • Seeking a visa service, you can choose Vietnam-visa
  • Earning money on the road by teaching people your native language online on Italki
  • Getting TEFL or TESOL certificate to teach English on Let’s TEFL


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