Photographers Capture Bustling Tho Quang Fishing Wharf


Established in 2004, Da Nang’s Tho Quang fishing wharf is now the largest of its kind in Central Viet Nam. Covering about 25 ha of land and 55 ha of water surface, the venue is able to accommodate up to 800 vessels of between 22CV and 600CV from central regional localities.

At around 3.00am on normal days, many seafood traders are very busy buying fresh seafood from offshore ships, whilst fishermen are making preparations for their next trips in the hope of successful catches.  All of them creates the bustling atmosphere at the wharf which also offers safe shelters from storms for central regional vessels.

Fishing vessels being anchored bumper-to-bumper at the wharf
The venue’s storm shelter area can accommodate 493 vessels
Every day, hundreds of vessels arrive in the wharf
Another beautiful view of the busy venue
A local fisherman is happy with his bumper catches
Freshly-caught seafood ready for sale
‘Gifts’ from the sea
A local trader carrying fresh seafood