Non Nuoc Beach


Da Nang has many beautiful beaches, among which Non Nuoc beach is a very prominent one. Once listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, the charm of this beach has been attracting more and more tourists to come.

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc beach’s location

Non Nuoc beach is located in Da Nang, 8 kilometers away from the Southeast of the city center. The beach lies at the foot of Marble Mountains, with a 5-kilometer long coastline winding like peach-colored silk to highlight the area’s natural beauty. The long, fine sand, clear blue waters, and waves crashing against the rocks give Non Nuoc a beauty that is as enchanting and glamorous as a young maiden.

Non Nuoc Beach

Best time to visit Non Nuoc beach

The beach has a gentle slope, mild waves, and purely blue sea water during the four seasons therefore Non Nuoc Beach is suitable for water sports, especially surfing. If you want to surf while in Da Nang, the best time to visit Non Nuoc beach is between April and September, when the wave angles are at their finest and the water temperatures are between 25°C and 28°C.

Inexperienced visitors can also take surf and stand-up paddling lessons.

Activities to do at Non Nuoc beach

Along the beach, on the white sand is a forest of age old casuarinas which is shady, green and is waving in the whistling wind. Here, you have a chance to try many interesting activities, such as

Immerse yourself in the fresh seawater

An activity that cannot be missed when coming to this beautiful beach is to immerse yourself in the clear and cool water. Non Nuoc beach is totally free from pollution, the seawater is emerald green, the waves are calm, all of which makes it very suitable for swimming and playing in the water.

Non Nuoc Beach

It would be perfect if you could come here in summer. Being immersed in the cool water, looking up at the sky and watching the sun shine will be the most relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable moment in your trip.

Participate in fantastic beach activities

Not only can you swim in the clear seawater, at Non Nuoc Beach, you can also participate in many exciting entertainment activities, such as windsurfing, beach volleyball, paragliding, parasailing, jet skiing, etc.

Non Nuoc Beach

Or if you are not the adventurous type, you can take on elegant activities like fishing. To prepare your fishing gear and bait, sit down and sip a few cans of beer while waiting for the fish to bite would be a very poetic and chilling experience.

Take a walk to contemplate the breathtaking scenery

Non Nuoc Beach

At Non Nuoc beach, you can walk along the fine white sand stretch, admire the peaceful and poetic scenery and take some pictures to save these memories. Or if you are fond of exploration, go deep into the green casuarina forest to feel the fresh air and natural beauty that this place was bestowed with.

Camp overnight and watch the sunrise

An extremely interesting activity that has become more and more popular in recent years is camping overnight on the beach. It would be very memorable to spend the night in a small tent and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing and the casuarina trees swaying in the wind at one of Da Nang’s most beautiful beaches.

Non Nuoc Beach

And it couldn’t be more wonderful when you and your friends stay in colorful tents close to each other, hold a party right by the sea with grilled fresh seafood on a charcoal stove, play music, sing and dance around the fire. When you wake up early next morning and catch the sunrise on the sea, you will be surprised to witness such beautiful natural scenery here.

Fill your stomach with delicious dishes from fresh seafood

Non Nuoc Beach

After hours of fun and enjoyment, you can recharge yourself with attractive seafood dishes made from crabs, shrimps, squids, snails, etc. caught from the sea here. Rest assured that the seafood here is quite affordable. You should totally sit on the beach, next to the cool casuarina trees and enjoy the delicious seafood here.

Hotels in Non Nuoc beach

Non Nuoc Beach

The expansive beach hosts numerous luxurious five-star beach resorts with private beaches to serve tourists to have fun and relax. You can do plenty of sightseeing and leisure activities whilst enjoying local seafood dishes at its many beachfront restaurants.

Well rated hotels, and resorts with great facilities nearby.

Reviews Non Nuoc beach on Tripadvisor

We were fortunate to stay right on this beach area at a resort. Beach is beautifully clean and not busy, so different to many other beaches as we found it non touristy. What makes this beach a little different to others as well is the picturesque mountain range as the back drop. Very relaxing.

Steph O (Southern Cross, WA)

We enjoyed the private beach in our resort very much. It is not crowded and it is clean. It is absolutely suitable for families with children to spend nice time together.

Tinnythepooh (Singapore, Singapore)

Forbes magazine rated Da Nang beaches in the list of most beatuful beaches of the world. I sow with my own eyes – this is true. You can spent all day on the Non Nuoc beach and to try some activities. I was brave enough to drive jet /with help from staff/ and to fly with parashute /in couple with friend/. And belive me, the atractions are much cheaper then in Europe.

Magi G (Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania)

Getting to Non Nuoc beach

Moving to Non Nuoc beach is also quite easy and convenient.

  • Rent a motorbike: This is the suitable choice for those who like to freely explore around. There are many motorbike rental stores in Da Nang.
  • Take a taxi: This is a reasonable choice for those who want to avoid sunburn. Traveling by taxi is comfortable and cost-effective if you go to Non Nuoc beach in a group or family. In Da Nang, there are also many taxi companies, so it is quite easy to catch a ride.

Important notes to have a perfect excursion to Non Nuoc beach

Non Nuoc Beach

Going to a beach, you definitely need to bring items such as sunscreen, hats, eyeglasses, sandals, etc. In addition, swimwear and dresses are a must-have for girls to show off their charm and take photos at the beach.

In addition, bikinis or maxi dresses will be a great choice for stylish girls. Have the opportunity to freely show off your figure at Non Nuoc beach.

Besides, with beautiful nature and interesting activities and experiences, Non Nuoc beach will bring you moments of relaxation and unforgettable memories. If you have a chance to visit Da Nang city, do not miss the opportunity to come to this beautiful beach.