N Pub Coffee


Address: 12 Phan Liem Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

Open time: 09h00 – 21h30 Everyday

Contact: (84) 984 401 865

What to explore at N Pub Coffee

The N-Pub coffee shop is drawing a great deal of attention from local residents, especially foreign backpackers thanks to its impressive space and vintage setting.

On entering the coffee shop, you will be deeply impressed by its simple architectural retro-style, beautiful vintage furnishings, antiques and impressive decorative items which together stimulate customers’ senses of sight and taste. In addition to its un-cemented walls, the venue shows off wooden sculptures, eye-catching paintings and old items, all of which are arranged in an extremely free style.

The coffee shop offers a varied drinks menu to satisfy its guests. Included are alcoholic beverages, cocktails, coffee and other irresistibly delicious drinks, along with dishes at reasonable prices.

The venue’s professional staff members always show an enthusiastic attitude and friendly behaviour towards their customers.

In particular, the coffee shop’s inviting atmosphere renders it a favourite rendezvous for foreigners who come here to meet with their fellow countrymen and others who speak the same languages as them. In a friendly and relaxing environment, these foreign customers feel very comfortable whilst sipping tasty drinks and sharing something interesting about this beautiful seaside city. They usually introduce to one another local hostels, hotels, drinking and eating venues, and entertainment areas whose services are offered at affordable prices.

It is also common to see many customers eagerly enjoying N-Pub’s attractive outdoor barbecue parties which are considered as informal get-togethers for them. Interestingly, every Sunday, coming to N – Pub enjoy interesting musical performances by singers and bands hailing from foreign countries worldwide.

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