May Mu Mountain Peak’s Beauty Captured in Stunning Photograhs


The May Mu Mountain Peak, which is at 1,200m above sea level, is nestled in a primeval forest in Hoa Vang District’s Hoa Ninh Commune on the western side of Da Nang.

This place boasts a large number of old trees, including ‘cho’ (parashorea chinensis), ‘kien kien’ (anisoptera scaphula), and ‘gioi’ (Talauma gioi Chev). It is surrounded by thick fog all year round, which creates a fanciful natural settings with majestic beauty.

Here are some stunning photographs captured the pristine beauty of the Peak.

A panoramic view of the Peak from above
The peak is cloaked in a thick gray haze all year round. When being seen from a distance, this place seems to be wearing soft thin silk cloth.
During daytime, sun lights hardly make the way through dense foliage of trees. A large number of huge trees, climbing plants, and shrubs hidden under the fog, creates a beautiful natural setting.
The forest’s fantastic beauty in thick fog
A big old tree features wide spreading branches and shaggy bark covered with green moss.
Another large tree with special bark
By visiting the Peak, visitors will be impressed by the pristine beauty of majestic mountains and stunning scenery.