Kem Bo (Avocado Ice Cream)


Kem Bo (Avocado Ice Cream)

Why Kem Bo is special

Avocado ice cream – Kem Bo is a popular street food that can be easily found in many vendors or food courts.

Avocado ice cream is a kind of cheap, delicious and nutritious ice cream in Da Nang. The first time you hear it, you probably think that is ice cream made from avocado. However, in fact, this is a kind of snacks or desserts made from ice cream mixed with fresh avocado and topped with dried coconut. In hot summer days, this ice cream is a must for anyone who want to enjoy a very cool summer with the mixture of both ice cream and avocado.

Where to eat Avocado Ice Cream

  • The food court in Bac My An market, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City
  • The food court in Con market, near the crossroad of Ong Ich Kiem and Hung Vuong street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City
  • Phan Tu street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, every shop with the board has “Kem Bo” on
  • Kem Ku Ku: 300 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City