Hoa Trung Lake: Info & Tips


Covered by mountains, early in the morning, the water in Hoa Trung lake is very calm, which makes it a giant mirror reflecting everything around. This lake is famous for its impressive beauty with various floating isles and endless green grass fields. You can immerse yourself in the peaceful rural life with a flock of buffalo or cows eating grass and white storks across the sky.

Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung lake location

Only 20 km from the center of Da Nang city towards the Western, Hoa Trung lake is renowned as the biggest artificial lake in this city with an area of 6.5 km². For a long time, the lake is not only a necessary source of irrigation systems of local people but also a tourist attraction with picturesque landscapes.

Hoa Trung Lake

Best time to visit Hoa Trung lake

Hoa Trung lake is located outdoors, so choosing the right time to visit is also quite important. September – October is the best time to explore the lake. At this time, the water is dry in the dry season, the grass is green and flat, just like a steppe. Therefore becoming an extremely ideal camping spot.

Hoa Trung Lake

April – May, although not as beautiful as September, is a great time for boating and wedding photography.

The breathtaking beauty of Hoa Trung lake

Hoa Trung lake makes an extreme impression by the peaceful scenery. All parts of this place create an irresistible story about a miniature prairie: the yellow meadow along the lakeside, white clouds slowly floating on the endless sky, and small islets emerging on the crystal water surface, and sometimes, flocks of birds flying through the sky at sunset.

Hoa Trung Lake

In different time of a day, the lake creates a distinctive beauty, which lures your soul. In the morning, everything seems to become purer with melodious twitters. At sunset, all scenery is dyed into the romantic beauty of golden lights of the sun.

Hoa Trung Lake

Unforgettable experiences at Hoa Trung lake

Owning a relatively pristine beauty of nature, the lake is really an ideal site for your wonderful laid-back in Da Nang.

Fresh and cool natural space 

There is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the dreamy space of a green lake and breathing in the fresh atmosphere after tiring days of studying. If you’re stressed, pack your bags and come here to relax. You will have the opportunity to listen to birds chirping, wind blowing,… A very relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Hoa Trung Lake

Check in 

Hoa Trung lake is one of the best check-in points for young people in Da Nang. Here, although there are no lovely miniatures, with a background of green fields, clear lakes, and mountains and hills, it is enough to create many great shooting angles. Remember to choose the right outfits to adventure in the charming countryside.

Hoa Trung Lake

Explore rural area

Taking a visit to Hoa Trung lake, you also have an opportunity to discover unique experience about daily activities of local people such as catching fish and shrimp in the tranquil morning or at cool night. Not only discovering the stunning landscapes of the lake, you will be led into interesting stories of this place, introduced by native guides.

Hoa Trung Lake


With the fresh atmosphere and spacious meadows, the lake is really suitable for going camping or having a picnic. You can choose BBQ party or other interesting outdoor activities to enjoy this wonderful trip such as Kayak. This is a new sport in Vietnam, which attracts a large amount of adventure-lover to take part in. With only a small boat, you can access all corners of Hoa Trung lake on your own.

Hoa Trung Lake

At night, the whole Hoa Trung lake becomes very quiet, looking far away towards the city is a giant patch of light. Due to being far from the city, on clear nights, you have the opportunity to admire an extremely fanciful starry sky.

Hoa Trung Lake

Getting to Hoa Trung lake

It takes 40 minutes to go from Da Nang center to Hoa Trung lake. You can go by car or motorbike since these are two suitable means helping you take the initiative in time and stop at any time for sightseeing along the road.

Hoa Trung Lake

If you go in the dry season, depart from Da Nang center then go to Hoang Van Thai street (direction to Bana Hills), and turn right on National Highway 1A. After that, turn to Tan Ninh Road and go straight on this road to reach to Hoa Trung Lake.

If you go in the rainy season, you have to take other roads to avoid flooding: depart from Hoang Van Thai and turn right to National Highway 1A. Turn left onto Au Co street. Go to the end of this road and you will see a trail leading to the lake.

Notes when traveling to Hoa Trung lake

  • Do not forget to bring insect repellent, flashlight, and medicine.
  • In the dry season, the most suitable time for camping is from afternoon to early morning in the next day, as the weather is quite pleasant at this time. However, you need to prepare in advance because there may be heavy rain or thunderstorms in the evening.
  • This is a wild tourist destination and there are no tour operators managing it, so before leaving, you should treat the rubbish properly.

Hoa Trung Lake

If you want to immerse yourself in a green and clear space, then come to Hoa Trung lake in Da Nang , which will give you a very “adventure” and new feeling. You can come here early in the morning when the dew drops on the grass, or in the afternoon when the sun goes down behind the mountain.