All You Need to Know about Han River


The wide and lazy Han River separates bustling heart of the city from the more relaxed and touristy beach side. Da Nang’s residents always take pride in the beautiful and romantic Han River, with its riverside areas featuring local cultural events and entertainment activities. The beauty of the Han River has inspired poets and composers throughout Da Nang’s history, and any local will probably be able to sing you a few lines of ”Sông Hàn Tình Yêu Của Tôi” (Han River, My Love) as they stroll the edge of the water.

Han River

Da Nang Han River location

Han River has its literal name “Han Giang”. During the French colonial period, it was also known as the Da Nang River. The Han River in Da Nang begins at the confluence of the river, where the confluence between Cam Le and Vinh Dien rivers is also bordered by two districts of Cam Le and Ngu Hanh Son.

Han River

The river flows in a south-north direction, passing through city center and then flows into Danang Bay with a length of about 7.2km. The width of the river is about 900 – 1,200m, the average depth of 4 – 5m is the waterway traffic junction connecting with the districts of Ngu Hanh Son, Cam Le, Hoa Vang district and the districts of Quang Nam province.

On the left bank of the river, there is a large market also called the Han market. A crowded residential area on the left side of the river is also called Han Street.

What to explore at Han River

Beautiful and unique bridges

Han River is associated with 9 bridges across the river, especially the five great bridges. Each bridge has a unique beauty, not the same at all.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge is a sail-shaped bridge. It represents the aspiration like the sail following the wind to the immense sea. Besides, Tran Thi Ly Bridge becomes unique due to being the most incredible tilt pillar cable-stayed bridge in Viet Nam.

Han River

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was build in 1965 is the first bridge crossing Han River, about 20m from Tran Thi Ly Bridge. This arch bridge constructed of Poni steel has a total length of 500m. Currently, it has been converted into pedestrian bridge, becoming an ideal place for local residents and visitors to admire the breathtaking beauty of the coastal city.

Han River

Dragon Bridge is renowned for being the most beautiful bridge in Da Nang city. Because it has the special shape of a dragon flying to the sea. Especially, Dragon Bridge is fire and water performances celebrated at 21:00 every weekend and major holidays of the year.

Han River

Han River Bridge is famous for being the first spinning bridge in Viet Nam. This bridge has been associated with the city’s development for a long time. Plus, the Han River Bridge has a long-standing history and people consider it their bright pride. At 23:00 weekend, this impressive suspension bridge spins on its axis allowing shipping traffic to pass through.

Han River

Thuan Phuoc Bridge has a reputation for being the unique bridge having the longest suspension in Viet Nam. Everyone often says that the bridge is like silk connecting two riverbanks of the Han River. Its appearance follows modern style. And the bridge possesses irresistible beauty.

Han River

Crossing Han River

Crossing over Dragon Bridge from the beach side and taking the first right puts you at the beginning of what is considered Da Nang’s most beautiful street: Bach Dang. Like most riverside roads in Vietnam, this one way boulevard is named after a victorious battle against the Chinese, but in Da Nang the street is popular for its vibrant nightlife. Straight away you may see locals, young and old, ballroom dancing on the promenade in the glow of the Dragon Bridge.

Han River

Walking farther northwards to Han River Bridge you’ll pass coffee shops, restaurants, and bars overflowing with people most nights of the week. The grand French architecture of several of the political buildings dotted along the street stand since colonial times.

Han River

Carry on after the Han River Bridge soon looms over you. Looking back to the water you’ll notice a precession of fairy lit boats queued along a wharf, each offering hour long round trips down the Han River. The boats range in size and condition, and offer a great opportunity to soften the din of the traffic and relax whilst sailing through the animated city of Da Nang.

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The ideal time to admire Han River

In the morning

Han River

Dawn on the Han River when the roads are still not crowded with traffic, only people walk to exercise on both sides of the river, all are still surrounded by fog but gradually disappear when the sun shines appear. At that time, the light on the river was still not really clear, just like white silk. The river was calmly drifting to the sea, each cool breeze blowing in as if not wanting to wake the city out of a good night’s sleep.

In the afternoon

At noon, you will be surprised when the scenery here seems to be completely transformed, there is no misty white light, but instead is the golden rays of the sun shining on the river surface. Each ray of sunshine seems to be dancing rhythmically to the rhythm of life to harmonize with the bustling and hustle pace of life. Han River Da Nang at this time appeared as a radiant, fresh girl with more charm.

Han River

In the afternoon and late evening are two moments when you can feel the beauty of the Han River the most. In the afternoon, this river is like being put on a purple robe of sunset, giving us a feeling of serenity, sadness, a very poetic landscape.

At night

Han River

Perhaps Han River is the most beautiful at night, the light from the street, the bridges, the riverside buildings reflect down to create a fanciful, dreamy, and incredible river.

Getting to Han River

You can take a scooter with helmets, take a taxi or Grab or take a public bus.

If you has come to Da Nang once, seeing the image of the Han River will realize one thing, Han River Da Nang has a very unique look. Not heavy alluvial red like the Red River, not gentle and gentle like the Perfume River, Han River is both healthy and poetic associated with the daily development of dynamic Da Nang city.