Han River



  • Location: Da Nang City
  • Lenght: 7,2 km
  • Source: Truong Son Range
  • Mouth: ASEAN Sea

Why Han River is special

The wide and lazy Han River separates bustling heart of the city from the more relaxed and touristy beach side. Da Nang’s residents always take pride in the beautiful and romantic Han River, with its riverside areas featuring local cultural events and entertainment activities. The beauty of the Han River has inspired poets and composers throughout Da Nang’s history, and any local will probably be able to sing you a few lines of ”Sông Hàn Tình Yêu Của Tôi” (Han River, My Love) as they stroll the edge of the water.

What to explore at Han River

Han River boasts seven bridges that link the two sides of the city, each trying to outdo the others in neon lit brilliance. The most iconic Dragon Bridge – resembles a magnificent golden dragon, chameleon like after sunset as lights cast a rainbow of colours. Make sure to be at the bridge’s eastern entrance at 21:00 Saturday and Sunday to witness the dragon’s head breathe fire and spurt water over the crowd gathered below.

Further north is the Han River Bridge, the first swing bridge built in Viet Nam. At 23:00 weekend, this impressive suspension bridge spins on its axis allowing shipping traffic to pass through.

Crossing over Dragon Bridge from the beach side and taking the first right puts you at the beginning of what is considered Da Nang’s most beautiful street: Bach Dang. Like most riverside roads in Vietnam, this one way boulevard is named after a victorious battle against the Chinese, but in Da Nang the street is popular for its vibrant nightlife. Straight away you may see locals, young and old, ballroom dancing on the promenade in the glow of the Dragon Bridge.

Walking farther northwards to Han River Bridge you’ll pass coffee shops, restaurants, and bars overflowing with people most nights of the week. The grand French architecture of several of the political buildings dotted along the street stand since colonial times.

Carry on after the Han River Bridge and the Novotel hotel soon looms over you. Looking back to the water you’ll notice a precession of fairy lit boats queued along a wharf, each offering hour long round trips down the Han River. The boats range in size and condition, and offer a great opportunity to soften the din of the traffic and relax whilst sailing through the animated city of Da Nang.

Getting to Han River

From Da Nang international airport: 4 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Da Nang train station: 3 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Hoi An ancient town: 31 km away, go by taxi or bus


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