Han River Cruise – Explore the Beautiful City by the River


In Da Nang, if there are Bana Hills, Da Nang Beaches as the must-go attractions during the day. In the evening, visitors often plan to take a cruise on Han River to see the full beauty of the city. However, many people have not yet grasped the Han River cruise experience. Don’t worry, read the guide below right away.

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

Experience Da Nang Han river cruise

The gentle Han River with shimmering waves and colorful cruise taking you along the river have become familiar images with travelers coming to Da Nang. Join and emerge yourself in the night rhythm of Da Nang to understand more about the scenery and locals here.

Enjoy the scenery on the Han river and the bridges

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

This is an opportunity to see the beauty of the Four Great Bridges, which is the name favored by tourists for the four famous bridges in Da Nang, which are:

  • As the Han River Bridge – the symbol of Da Nang, it is also the first bridge marking the development of the city, proving the outstanding development of the area east of the Han River.
  • It is Tran Thi Ly Bridge with the image of a sail reaching out to the sea and also the pride of Da Nang people about their wonderful creativity.
  • Dragon Bridge with the symbol of a golden dragon reaching out to the sea represents the vitality and desire of Da Nang people to the big world.
    SPECIALLY admire the eye-catching fire spray with an impressive view on the river at Dragon Bridge on Saturdays and Sundays and see the Han River civets turn a very unique 90-degree angle for boats to move.
  • It is a quiet Thuan Phuoc Bridge where the door opens to the sea but attracts tourists by its luxurious and delicate beauty and is an important connection for the transport system from HueSon Tra PeninsulaHoi An.

Watch Cham dance and music exchange on the boat

On the yacht every evening, there are mysterious ChamPa dance performed by beautiful and professional dancers. For those who love art will surely be immersed in these unique dances.

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

Some Han River cruises also organize music exchange programs with famous singers. You will enjoy very romantic guitar, Piano, Saxophone melodies and participate in singing, dancing, and singing exchanges.

Relax and take virtual photos

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

Sitting on a yacht in addition to being immersed in a large space, enjoying the cool air and relaxing. The beauty of colorful lights, restaurants and high-rise hotels make you fall in love. Especially if you like to take strange photos, don’t forget to bring your camera to “flash” a few photos as a souvenir.

Some notes about Han River Cruise

The starting time

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

According to the Han River cruise experience, many trips are organized every day with departure times in 4-time frames: 18h10, 19h10, 20h10, 21h10 when the city starts to light up. You should note that, on Sunday, the cruise will depart at 20:00. The time of each trip will be within 1 hour.

Ticket price for Han River Cruise

You should note, depending on the type of ticket you buy, there will be accompanying and non-attached services.

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

Cruise fare without dinner

The price of cruise ticket includes: Han River cruise ticket, entertainment programs on board (watching Cham dance, music exchange), water travel insurance.
You should book tickets in advance and then have dinner with their favorite Da Nang specialties, arrive on time to board the train to experience.


Cruise fare with dinner

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

If you want to experience the feeling of having a sightseeing cruise while having dinner, you can choose Han River Dragon Boat. Of course, the price will be much higher than just sightseeing.

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

With the design same as a restaurant, the dining menu on the Han River Dragon Boat is evaluated for variety and quality. Here, there are menus listed with prices for visitors to order quickly. The drinks here are not too expensive.

Check the price for combo Han River Cruise & Local Beer now

Choose your seat on the cruise

Choosing the location is also a Han river cruise experience that you should grasp. When taking a Han river cruise, you have the full right to choose their favorite seats under the guidance of the staff. Each cruise will usually have two decks. Each deck has two rows of seats. According to the majority, they often choose the 2nd floor because it has a broader view. However, if you do not have time to select this area, do not be too sad because the first-floor area also has many benefits:

The 1st floor has a larger area than the 2nd floor, so it is more spacious. As many people choosing the 2nd floor, the space on the 1st floor will usually be quieter, suitable for those who want to find relaxation and peace. The area at the top of the first floor is designed to be quite empty, so you can move up there to look around or check-in.

Sitting on the first floor means you can sit close to the river. In this position, you will feel the calm and gentleness of the Han River at night beside the lights, the sky, and the bridges reflected on the water surface. In addition, there is another remarkable thing that on high water days, if you are lucky, you will see schools of fish swimming along with the boat, even jumping on the water.

Han River Cruise - Explore the Beautiful City by the River

Reviews Han River Cruise from Tripadvisor

We chose the ‘Tradicitonal’ Dragon River cruise to experience the beautiful bridges on Da Nang. The cruise itself was a wonderful experience. The night wad cool but not cold and the views were amazing. We chose not to go for the dinner as it was only 1.5 hours so we settled for drinks. The staff were kind and courteous and were attentive to our needs. Definitely recommend this ad a must do in Da Nang.

gavap73 (Adelaide, Australia)

We went around Da Nang with incredible views, sat on the motobike and got a in dept experience of the city, saw Han river and Dragon bridge in night, The lady guides were so informative, kind and enthusiastic!!

lily a (Calgary, Canada)

Cruise was good. Pretty sights except that the crews on the cruise was not very information. Eveeyone was disappointment as we didn’t get to see the Dragon Bridge spit fire. That was the main reason people would buy to go on the cruise to watch the Dragon Bridge blow fire!

Daisy T (Singapore)