Guide to Convert Driver License for Foreigner Living in Vietnam


Most expats do not bother getting a Vietnam driving license. However, it is simpler than it seems and can save you a lot of headaches (or worse) in case of an accident, when dealing with legal implications or with your health insurance.

Guide to Convert Driver License for Foreigner Living in Vietnam

How to convert your home country driving license to a Vietnam driving license

This can be done without speaking Vietnamese and without the help of a Vietnamese friend

First, get the following together:

  1. 03 Photos (3x4cm)
  2. Translated and notarized copy of your Driving License from your home country (you must find an official translator for your language with notary powers to do this – your Embassy/Consulate should be able to inform you )
  3. Notarized copy of your Passport (copy all pages – can be done by a notary/translator – fast service around 45min for copies + notarization)
  4. Filled in form from the Transit Authority (Download here)
  5. Original Resident card
  6. Original Driving License from your home country
  7. Original Passport

In Hanoi, applications for temporary driver’s licenses should be directed to the Office of Traffic and Public Works, 16 Cao Ba Quat Street (Website:

In Ho Chi Minh City, applications should be directed to the Office of Transportation, 63 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 (website:

In the other provinces, the applicants should consult local police authorities to determine exactly what action is required to obtain a temporary driving license in the province where the applicant resides.

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After everything is done, you will be directed to a little table in the corner of the room where a Post officer will ask you to fill in your preferred address.

  • Fill your postal details and pay fee (this is the only way to get it )
  • The officer will give you a receipt which you will have to hand to the courier that will come to deliver your Vietnam driving license
  • They will inform you of the exact date the courier will come to your stated address (usually 10 working days)

Total Issuing Cost for your Vietnam Driving License: 135,000 VND  (+30,000 VND postal fees)

Ready for the next steps? You’re almost there!

How to use your converted Vietnam driving license to get the motorbike license?

(not needed if your original driving license already had it – and you don’t have to take the theoretical exam in any case)

Warning, the following steps will be harder to do without speaking Vietnamese or without the help of a Vietnamese friend.

Get the documents below:

  1. 04 photos [3×4]
  2. Notarized copy of your Passport
  3. Filled in form (available on the spot)
  4. Original Vietnam Driving License
  5. Original Passport
  6. Original Resident Card

Just get the documents right, Vietnamese public services are actually quite efficient when it comes to this. Having a Vietnamese friend to help you out makes everything a whole lot easier of course.