What are Foreigners Talking about Da Nang? Positive and Negative


I suddenly think about collecting all of people comments about Da Nang, both positive and negative so that it should be a good sources for any people want to make choice and people who love to increase Da Nang’s attraction, including me, a local person. All of the ideas below was collected randomly from many source including Google, WordPress and others. I also have a SUMMARY AT THE END for anyone don’t have time to read a long article.

Positive views

I think the positive is quite familiar with people, but as this article want to cover both, I should re-write them again:

Let’s start with some overall feeling from Manhi in Motherland Musings (Part II): Da Nang, Vietnam on her wordpress , a Vietnamese girl who grew up in U.S.:

“A beautiful melange of mountain, ocean, and city in central Vietnam. In stark contrast with my picturesque visual documentation of the city, I was the not-so-picturesque tourist, oozing buckets and buckets of sweat due to both the intense humidity and my physical wimpiness (okay, the word “ooze” is so isgusting)….Unlike Chicago and New York, always lively with their constant energy, the city (more advanced than I originally gave it credit for) exuded a gentle and peaceful aura as it harmonized progressivism with the natural world. The people were so amicable and pleasant to be around—the most honest and humble human beings I’ve ever interacted with are the inhabitants of Da Nang.”

I hate to repeat hundred times but Da Nang is famous for beaches, most people really surprise about the Beauty of the Beach (not Beauty and the Beast)

“We checked into our hotel, grabbed some Bánh Mi, and laid on the beach for a few hours admiring the view…” – Jules


And the moment of truth, the beach in Da Nang is far more beautiful than ones in Thailand – at least better than Phuket and Krabi” – Fragriver

Da Nang also famous for the good city management, clean air and good infrastructure, it is the reason for “the most worth living city of Vietnam” label but people feel a lot of burden because of that:

“The street is wide and clean, the atmosphere is open and comfortable owing to the river cutting across the city and the long shoreline embracing the city…”– Fragriver

The Marble Mountain is also a unmissable place for any visitor:

“The walk was heavy going, but I’ve always liked climbing and clambering over things, and I’ve never minded getting dirty, so despite the heat and the mud I enjoyed it, and the view from the top was truly incredible” – OdyStudent – The magnificient Marble Mountain


Or the complex design bridges which you can find in my Infographic – The story of bridges:

“The famous large metal Dragon Bridge on the Han River near the giant Ferris wheel is one of the main attractions in Da Nang. Very pretty to walk along the riverfront at night as the bridge lights’ constantly change colours.” Image Earth blog

Bana Hills is also a good place

“The views were stunning, even on a misty day, the luscious greens and the grand mountain silhouettes made for a pleasant journey up the mountain and plenty of picture opportunities.At the peak we had been promised a French village, and at first glance, it delivered.”  OdyStudent – Beautiful Bana Hills


And most of people missed Da Nang Culinary as they don’t know much about them, let’s hear from Culinary Delight in Da Nang

“Da Nang’s foodie scene can be summed up best with 3Rs: regional origin, reasonable price and recreational eating…..It is also the destination for very exotic, original dishes…Da Nang is heaven when it comes to noodle with locals regularly downing them, for breakfast, lunch and supper, at homes, in restaurants or at roadside stands.”


Negative views

Most of tourist just see Da Nang as a transit airport, they come and go directly in the same day (or after 2 hours) to Hoi An, a more famous place, just like one of my teacher in Australia, anyway, I have to amid that Hoi An is a better place for tourist. Another reason is lacking of Travel Experience which was shared on internet so people don’t really know what to do without a local friend.

“Da Nang is worth a quick look, at least half a day, for people staying in Hoi An for several days.” –  Earth Trekkers

Da Nang is also not a good place for young people who pursue their career or have a good job, it’s a small city:

“In short, the city may not be an ideal place for the young ones to pursue career growth but when it comes to an ideal place in Vietnam for traveling, it should be the most suitable candidate, at least for me, until now.” – Jules

One of the big downgrade is that most of people in Da Nang cannot speak English, it may keep it more local but really disappointed many tourists (quite a pain and gain):

“In Da Nang, most of the people cannot speak English. Therefore, you should always prepare the Vietnamese names or Vietnamese addresses of the places you want to go. The small local restaurants do not offer English menu so it is better to learn some words of food” Kallen-Tips of Da Nang

Bana Hills is not a suitable place for any people don’t like faking French architecture:

 “The buildings and churches were not authentic stonework but painted polystyrene and plasticsAs it was so pricey, the chances are that I won’t be visiting again, but I would recommend it to visitors of Da Nang, as long as you know what you’re going to get.” OdyStudent – Beautiful Bana Hills

Some other comments

Travel to Da Nang is not about a great hotels but discovering:

“Which made me feel quite sad for Jessica, as I felt like she had misunderstood exactly what this country and its culture has to offer. I mean, clearly if she thought that the quality of a hostel defines the area it is in. Living in Danang has allowed me to experience things that Jessica will not. I do not intend to hop from one Vietnamese city to the next, and ‘do’ Asia in 4 weeks. I don’t think this allows you to see a culture. I think its a waste of money. Instead, I hope I see less of Vietnam if it means I explore the areas I do visit in great depth.”-Thenuneatonnomad


So I do a summary for anyone who feel tired of a long article:


– Nice beach, nice view, clean and peaceful city

– Full of surprise and undiscovered things

– Nice landscape sight-seeing

– Undiscovered variety culinary


– Lack of English information so usually was passed away by tourist

– Local people are not good at English so it’s hard to communication

– Some new places is quite fake

– Quite a boring place for tourist who have to rely on services and tours.

LONG GÀ (Amazing Da Nang)

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author


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