Exploring City’s Breakfast Options


Da Nang boasts a wide range of delicious dishes, which are very attractive to visitors from both home and abroad.

You can explore the various different breakfast food options available on the city’s streets. Enjoy one of the below top notch breakfast options.

A stall selling ‘banh mi’ (Vietnamese baguette) can be easily found anywhere in the city’s streets. The yellow baguettes boast thick white crumb
Vietnamese baguette stuffed with ‘cha lua’ (steamed pork roll), ‘xuc xich’ (sausages), ‘cha bong’ (dried shredded pork/chicken), ‘lap xuong’ (Chinese sausages), ‘thit quay’ (crispy roast pork belly) and some other ingredients, depending on the taste of diners
In the hustle and bustle of city life, small stalls selling ‘xoi’ (steamed sticky rice) located near local intersections receive a large number of diners every day
‘Mi Quang’ (Quang noodles) is one of the most popular local breakfast dishes. There are now many types of Mi Quang dishes, which can include ingredients such as chicken, pork, beef, shrimps and snakehead fishes. The delicious dish is accompanied by grilled rice paper and green chillies
Tasty ‘bun cha ca’ (fish cake noodles), one of the city’s signature dishes
‘Bun mam’ (rice vermicelli with anchovy fish sauce) is preferred by a large number of local residents. The dish’s main ingredients include rice vermicelli, roasted pork, and a tasty anchovy fish sauce. This delicious dish cannot be served without a variety of vegetables, which include thinly-sliced, unripe papaya, salad and fragrant herbs
Locals often start their new day by drinking a glass of coffee sold at pavement shops
Glasses of soymilk and coffee bring drinkers more energy to start their new dynamic day