Dragon Bridge



Address: Vo Van Kiet Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Open time: All day

Price: Free

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Visit duration: 1 hour

Why Dragon Bridge is special

As far as symbols of a resurgent country — and city — go, there can be few as bullish as a 666-meter-long (2,185 feet) dragon-shaped bridge that breathes fire and spouts plumes of water.

Opened in 2013, the Cau Rong (Dragon Bridge) is an award-winning, U.S.-designed marvel of engineering that’s become a favorite of residents and visitors, and an icon of the prosperous future this once sleepy town has its eye set on.

What to explore at Dragon Bridge

Each weekend, after sunset, residents and visitors are treated to a pyrotechnic show that adds flair to what could have easily been a routine civil engineering project.

The road is closed just before 9 p.m., with crowds thronging the six-lane bridge.

An expectant hush descends, and then, with a roar, the dragon’s head spits fearsome plumes of fire, followed by hissing clouds of water vapor.

In addition to the weekend shows of fire breathing, which take place at 9 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, the bridge is illuminated each night with thousands of LED lights, which flow through the color spectrum, giving dynamic, dazzling views that reflect off the surface of the river.

Long a symbol of Asian prosperity, the dragon is an ideal image for a city on the rise, and has been taken to heart by the people who live here.

Dragon-themed trinkets can be bought along the banks of the Han River, which the bridge spans, and nearby hotels take their name from the structure.

Boat tours make the most of it — prows are painted with the dragon’s likeness.

“The Dragon Bridge has been the crowning achievement in the city’s bridge program,” Nick Ivanoff, president of Ammann & Whitney, one of the key companies involved in the bridge’s creation, tells CNN. “City officials have said it will likely become the new symbol of Da Nang.”

The opening of the bridge not only gives Da Nang an instantly recognizable landmark, it’s done much for the city’s development in a remarkably short time.

Getting to Dragon Bridge

From Da Nang international airport: 3 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Da Nang train station: 4 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Hoi An ancient town: 30 km away, go by taxi or bus

How to get Dragon Bridge

From Da Nang

If you stay near the beach area, then go along Vo Nguyen Giap Street to My Khe Beach, then you will see the roundabout of Vo Nguyen Giap street and Vo Van Kiet street, then turn left, go straight around 1 km to another roundabout, go ahead and you can see this bridge.

In case your hotel located at the City center, head to Tran Phu Street, go to the end of that street, and you will see this bridge on the left side (this is a one way road).

From Hoi An

Unfortunately, the local bus just work till 17h50, so you only can do this transportation at the day time. Get on the bus, mention the to the ticket money collector (they don’t sell ticket, you just need pay to somebody) that your stop is Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture, then you just walk around 3 minutes, and can see the bridge on your right side.

If you want to ride your motorbike there, head to An Bang highway (near An Bang beach), go straight till you see a seafood restaurant named “Thanh Hien” on your left side, go slowly to the roundabout then turn left, go along Vo Van Kiet Street, skip the next roundabout, and here our dragon is.

Travel tips

  • Great colorful photography at night. With the lights changing, the bridge turns to many colors. And with the lights reflections of the river water, the view is spectacular
  • During the Dragon Show, no vehicle can go across the bridge, so if you want to take motorbike there, you must go earlier.
  • You can book the Han River Dragon Boat, enjoy beauty of Han River then they will take you to the dock near the Dragon’s head. Check carefully that they do take you there.


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