Discover Da Nang Casinos and Things You May not Know


Da Nang is a beautiful city in Vietnam which can serve as a perfect holiday destination. Known for its beaches, magnanimous hillsides and Marble mountains, it is home to some great casinos as well. If you are holidaying here or taking a business tour, casinos will be the right indulgence or getaway. Try your luck with poker, roulette, Black Jack or other game of fortunes and take back a handful of Vietnamese dong. There isn’t a long list of casinos but there are a few which are some of the best you will ever visit. They are glamorous and royal.

Discover Da Nang Casinos and Things You May not Know

So here are the casinos of Da Nang where you can play your favorite card games and enjoy the night away.

Crown International Club – The largest casino of Da Nang

Location: Crown Plaza Hotel

Discover Da Nang Casinos and Things You May not Know

Crown Casino Da Nang is considered one of the entertainment paradises in Vietnam. Here, players not only have the freedom to experience their favorite types of betting, but also have moments of rest and relaxation at resorts or hotels.

More specifically, the location of this casino is built near the sea, so everyone can both have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the sea. It is for these reasons that Casino Da Nang has attracted a large number of guests from all over the world who come here for entertainment.

At Crown Casino Da Nang, there are many game genres so that players can freely choose to play according to their preferences. Some of the games that attract the most players are Bavet, Poipet, Baccarat, Poker, going to the South …

In addition to being able to bet at Casino Da Nang, players are also served a full range of relaxation and resort options along with a system of luxurious restaurants. Delicious food and drinks are also a strong point of the Casino, serving a variety of dishes from all over the country and region to the attractive taste in cuisine to attract visitors. When coming here, visitors not only rest, have fun, eat and drink but can also shop with a variety of items on sale.

Club 99- The electronic poker centre

Location: Furama Resort Da Nang

Discover Da Nang Casinos and Things You May not Know

Another of the gaming centers in Da Nang which attracts many of the tourists here is Club 99 which is located at the Furama Resort Da Nang. It is an opulent property spreading across a 1000 square meters where one can try their hands at the games of the aristocrats. A variety of games are open to its tourists in this casino. The machines here are all updated. There are about 24 slot machines along with around 30 machines of 243 ways to win slots. Table gaming enthusiasts will find baccarat, blackjack, electronic roulette poker, sic bo, and many other tables assigned here.

What is great is that there is special staff appointed to help with the gaming instructions in case you are completely new or you get stuck with the nitty-gritty of the games you are playing. There are about 15 virtual horse racing machines which sound super exciting. Poker here isn’t available manually but electronically at your disposal as there are Electronic poker machines. If you are wondering how to go about it, then it involves a minimum of two pairs of people who have the liberty to increase bets after the first 5 cards are put forth. It is a different experience altogether. Make sure to head to Club 99 to explore this wonder of Da Nang.

These are the only two casinos available at Da Nang if you are looking for them. They may be limited in number but undoubtedly some of the best of Vietnam. They are lavish and luxurious places which deserve a visit even if you don’t like to play. The casinos are worth going to and investing some time here as they give you some great life experiences and unforgettable memories. If you are vacationing in the picturesque city of Da Nang then do not miss out on these. Play the night away!