Beaches in Da Nang



Address: Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son and Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City

Open time: All day

Price: Free

Visit duration: 1 hour

Why Da Nang’s Beaches is special

Da Nang has only recently become popular with visitors. Many resorts and hotels that are being built here only prove how much tourism has recently flourished in this part of Vietnam. One of the most popular attractions in Da Nang are its beautiful and quiet beaches. Stretching over 60 km from Hai Van Pass to Marble Mountain, Da Nang’s beaches specially with their white silky sand were voted 01 in 06 most luxurious beaches on planet by Forbes Magazine.

What to explore at Da Nang Beaches

The city boasts numerous pristine beautiful beaches with bleached white sand and crystal clear blue water.

The Southern Beaches

The southern beaches are the most popular ones in Da Nang. They are located by the road going from Son Tra Peninsula all the way to Hoi An. This big stretch of sand has been divided into few beaches: Pham Van Dong, My Khe, Bac My An and Non Nuoc. There is nothing really different between them and they all look more or less the same.

During the day the southern beaches are quiet and deserted. Da Nang is mostly popular among Asian tourists and those usually wait until it gets a little cooler and the sun is not as strong as white skin is the way to go in Asia. No one wants to get tanned here.

In the evening the beaches become crowded. Tourists flock in and the locals come to cool down with their families. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, it is better to enjoy the sun between 11 am and 3 pm.

Son Tra Peninsula

If you have a scooter you can find some better options at Son Tra Peninsula. Beaches here are more serene and quiet, even in the evenings and afternoons. Tien Sa, Bai But and Bai Rang offer calm, blue waters and golden sand. Other beaches, like Bai Bac, Bai Nam and Bai Con, are mostly closed for tourists as they are private properties of expensive resorts.

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The Northern Beaches

To explore the northern beaches of Da Nang you need a scooter. Lang Van Beach, Xuan Thieu Beach and Thanh Binh Beach are all located close to the Hai Van Mountain and Hai Van Pass. They are less popular with locals and visitors and therefore ideal for water sports and some relaxing time.

The beaches in and around Da Nang might not be the most beautiful and picturesque in Asia, but they are definitely the cleanest. There is no rubbish lying around and no plastic bottles floating in the water. That’s a really surprising thing in Vietnam. It is actually a pleasure to swim in the sea and relax on the clean sand here.

Especially from May to August when the waves are gentle, on some of these beaches, lifeguard teams work from 05h00 to 08h00 daily to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Travel tips

  • Prices of vehicles parking, property keeping in lockers and freshwater bathing are clearly showed at the beaches
  • Only go swimming in the period of time that rescuer teams are available from 05h00 to 20h00 every day to ensure your safety
  • Enjoy cheap and delicious seafood cuisine in seafood restaurants along the beaches


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