Bai Da Den (Black Stone): Info and Guide


Sometimes you want to run away from the routine of daily life, want to find a shelter to remove all worries. Make sure that Bai Da Den (also known as Black Stone) will take you to your own sky, where there are only waves, wind and natural scenery.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Bai Da Den location

Bai Da Den (Black Stone) is a pristine place located in Son Tra peninsula. Bai Da Den is the name that locals give to this beach because it has smooth green lawns, where there are many large black rocks interspersed, stacked on top of each other. Create a colorful scene, especially the lawn area with many small lakes, separated by rocks. Bai Da Den is surrounded by large rocks, so the lake water is clear all year round, with gently lapping waves, beautiful scenery.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Best time to visit Bai Da Den

To have an ideal trip, choosing the time to go is an important factor. The best time to explore Bai Da Den is around March – September. At this time, the whole rock is covered in a magical coat with fresh air, cool sea water.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

During the day, early morning or sunset is the most appropriate time. If you stay too late there are some dangers.

The breathtaking beauty of Black stone

Different from the bustling and vibrant places in Da Nang, Bai Da Den brings a very quiet and peaceful beauty. This is a suitable space for those who want to immerse themselves in the nature of the windy sea and sky. You have to set foot here, then you can empathize with how unique the wild, untouched features from the primitive times were.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Black stone gathers many rocks of large size and massive shapes. The rocks stand across the vast ocean as if to warp to protect the peace of the sea. Walking through each rock, watching the charming scenery is a truly adventurous experience. Standing in the middle of the vast sky, you will find that you are so small in front of nature.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

However, when passing or stepping on the rock, you should pay attention because the stone has moss, so it is very slippery. You can only climb and pass a few rocks because there are very high blocks.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Unforgettable experiences at Bai Da Den

Coming to Bai Da Den on sunny days, you will get rid of all your troubles. There is only the sound of waves crashing into the cliffs and the salty taste of the sea. The scenery at this time is really ecstatic, making people just want to be immersed forever.

Camping, picnic

When camping at Bai Da Den, you need to prepare a tent and some dry firewood to light a fire at night. Because on the lawns there are many pools of stagnant water, due to the stream flowing from the mountain. So you can bring a sleeping bag, to avoid mosquito bites when sleeping here.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

You also need to have an extra flashlight, in case you need to use it for lighting, lighters, candles, raincoats, etc. At night you will be able to watch the starry sky with boats in the distance, listen to the sound of the ocean waves.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Enjoy peaceful atmosphere

Unfortunately, this place is located to the north and you can’t see the sunrise and sunset. But don’t worry, because this place still has a lot of beautiful scenery for you to explore. The strong waves here hit the shore, creating white bubbles that look very beautiful. It is the sound of the waves that help you relieve stress, after working days.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

The area to the right of Bai Da Den is a small rocky beach, named by the people here because there are many round rocks, so the beach here will be very difficult to camp through night. Looking out to the sea, you will see boats catching fish, in the sea, there are many different types of fish, the common fish is grouper, pompano, and other seafood on the bottom sea.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Check in 

Possessing a beautiful unspoiled natural landscape, Bai Da Den is a great virtual living spot for young people. Every corner here will be a very good virtual live wallpaper to help you take real photos.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Reviews Bai Da Den on Tripadvisor

Free spot just 20 minutes drive from Da Nang. Many locals go there for groups outing, some taking music sound system.
The water is clear, however you can’t swim there. Few jellyfish end-up here on the rocks…. good walk on the big rocks, grabbing nice stones for your aquarium decoration or fishing.

voyageurautourdumonde (Gerardmer, France)

Great change of pace from the big beach in Danang. Beautiful. Even the drive there was beautiful, as is the view looking back at the Danang skyline. Small beach. Mostly locals. Good food & drinks and covered seating areas available. They will even rent you a hammock. Fun bouldering along the coastline.

Huynh912 (Houston, TX)

Driving on the nearby road, you can surely appreciate the beautiful hills and mountain on your left. They are sometimes covered in mist, but when visibility is clear, the view is outstanding.

TheShis (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Getting to Bai Da Den Den

Black stone is located 15 km Northeast of Da Nang center so you can move to Bai Da Den by taxi or motorbike. To move flexibly and not get stuck in traffic, you should choose Thuan Phuoc Bridge to get to Bai Da Den.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

After passing all of Thuan Phuoc Bridge, right at the intersection between Yet Kieu and Le Duc Tho streets. You should go in the left-hand direction, go in the direction of Yet Kieu street. Going about 4 km, you look to the right, there will be a road leading to Son Tra mountain. In front of this road, there will be a sign prohibiting motorbikes, with automatic transmission.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Going 100 m, you will have an epidemiological declaration station. This is a mandatory condition for you to visit the Son Tra peninsula. From the place of medical declaration, you will have to travel another 4 km to get to Bai Da Den.

Bai Da Den (Black Stone)

Bai Da Den is really a special gift that nature granted to Da Nang. You will be definitely immersed your soul with the romantic beauty, pristine beach. It is also an ideal place for outdoor activities with relatives and friends.