Customs Regulations


Thanks to policies to promote tourism, custom regulations in Viet Nam today are getting simpler than ever before. However, as a sensible visitor, you should pay attention to basic information about essential documentation and things you are obliged and not obliged to bring along on arrival at and departure from Viet Nam.

Travel Documents

For a start, even though valid passport and entry visa or visa approval letter to Viet Nam are generally required for all visitors; travelers of some countries such as Japan, Korea and members of ASEAN are exempted from visa with 15-30 day validity according to unilateral and bilateral visa exemption agreements of Viet Nam Government.

Others visitors may obtain visa at Embassies & General Consulates of Viet Nam, travel agencies or on arrival. Visa on arrival means that you attain visa approval by Viet Nam Immigration Office in advance and get visa stamped on your arrival.

Goods and Products

You are able to bring the maximum amount of the followings; otherwise, it is mandatory to declare and pay import taxes

Duty Free
Cigarettes: 400 pieces
Cigars: 100 pieces
Tobacco: 100 gram
Liquor: 1.5 liters
Perfume and jewellery for personal use
Souvenirs and gift items valued at not more than USD 300

Materials Under Declaration

There are no restrictions on the amount of currency, gold, precious metals and stones; however, you have to declare on the customs forms provided that your luggage includes

Declare if you bring
Foreign currency: in excess of USD 7,000
Viet Nam Dong: in excess of VND 15,000,000
Gold: in excess of 300 gram
Gold and jewellery not for personal use
Video tapes, CDs: CDs and tapes are often kept for screening and returned to you after a few days

Banned Materials

Things below should be excluded from your luggage

  • Weapon, ammunition, explosives and inflammable objects
  • Military technical equipment; drugs, opium and other narcotics
  • Anti-government literature; pornographic literature, etc.

On top of this; antiques, some types of precious stones, wild animals, rare and precious plants listed in Viet Nam’s red book could not be exported.

Visitors are normally required to fill in arrival departure forms and also custom forms on condition that you bring things that require declaration or exceed duty free norm. Nevertheless, from 15 November 2010, arrival departure forms are exempted for all visitors in all international airports and 12 border checkpoints in Viet Nam. Thus, it is likely that may not have to fill in any form when you visit Viet Nam.

Please be noted that this is only a brief summary and that customs regulation in Viet Nam are subject to change at any time. So, always double check all information before making any important decisions. The Vietnamese Customs maintain an extremely informative website here which you can refer to.