Dong (VND) is Vietnamese currency unit. Abbreviated to “d” Banknotes come in denominations of 1,000d; 2,000d; 5,000d; 10,000d; 20,000d; 50,000d; 100,000d; 200,000d and 500,000d

List of banknotes with various colors

VND 1,000
VND 2,000
VND 5,000
VND 10,000
VND 20,000
VND 50,000
VND 100,000
VND 200,000
VND 500,000

Currency exchange

You can change money to VND at any legal bank, currency exchange services. At Da Nang International Airport, exchange counters are open 24/7. You can also change money at many jewellery shops of the city.

Exchange Rate is USD 1 = VND 22,700 (Reference Only)VNDUSD
Vietnamese street coffee15,0000.66
Western style coffee35,0001.54
Small bottle of water (street)8,0000.35
Soft drink (street)12,0000.53
Soft drink (restaurant)25,0001.10
Coconut juice (street)15,0000.66
Fruit shake (street)25,0001.10
Fruit shake (restaurant)40,0001.76
Beer (33cl bottle in a local restaurant)20,0000.88
Milk – per litre28,0001.23
Mi Quang (noodles)25,0001.10
Banh Mi (Bread)10,0000.44
Bo Ne (Vietnamese beef steak)30,0001.32
Com Tam (Broken Rice)25,0001.10
City bus fare10,0000.44
Taxi – per km14,0000.62
Cyclo – per hour80,0003.52
Motorbike taxi – per km6,0000.26
Motorbike rental – per day120,0005.28
Petrol – per litre13,0000.57
Motorbike parking fee3,0000.13
Flat tire repair15,0000.66
New bike tire80,0003.52
T-shirt from a market80,0003.52
Meal (Mid range western restaurant)250,00011.01
Body Massage – 1hour200,0008.81

Credit cards

Almost banks and hotels accept payment by international credit cards like VISA, MasterCard. There are credit cards acceptance signs at the entrance or reception desks.