Con Market: Things to Do, How to Reach & Tips


Con Market happens to be one of the primary markets in Da Nang city that is highly popular for its astounding range of clothing, accessories and handicrafts available at affordable rates. Known alternatively as Da Nang Commercial Centre it is the biggest and busiest retail and wholesale venue in and around the city. It is noted for an array of wholesale goods that are available at heavily discounted prices.

Where Con Market is located?

Con Market

Con Market is located in the heart of Da Nang city, with two frontages adjacent to Hung Vuong and Ong Ich Khiem main streets and with small cross streets that are very convenient for transportation. You can go to Con Market by various means such as the motorbike, taxi, private car, …

Why Con Market is special?

Originally constructed in the 1940s on top of elevated land, this market served as a focal point of vendors hailing from nearby districts who brought fresh vegetables along with fish and poultry to the market in hope of selling their wares. The market was renovated in 1984 with the present shopping venue being housed within a multi storied building occupying three distinct floors. The fresh produces and dried food is still sold in the lower level with other items such as apparels, household goods and handicrafts being offered from stores on the upper levels.

Con Market

However, the most special thing in Con Market that excites the visitors is definitely the “food heaven”. It has all kinds of street food and specialties available only in Da Nang, at an extremely fair price, but the quality is number one.

What to explore at Con Market?

The market is relatively large, consists of 2 buildings and 6 big corners, with over 2000 different stores and booths. Since it is a vital and long-standing wholesale market of Da Nang, Con Market sells everything you need, from fresh food, fruits, clothing and footwear to essential household items,….

Chock-a-Block – Makeshift Stalls

Con Market

The external section of the market is chock-a-block, with many makeshift stalls, and rough stores that are famous for selling fresh produce and spices. Dried food, grains, salt and sugar, are also found in various stalls along this section. There are several incense and candle stores here as well. Many stalls sell handmade baskets for the customers to carry the articles bought at the local stalls. The next shops stock a variety of fresh vegetables sourced from the farming community of the city as well as the adjoining rural areas. This is one of the most popular places in the market for the locals who do their daily shopping here.

Wet market

Con Market

The wet market is at the very end of the section, though and visitors need to tread carefully here to avoid stepping on puddles of water. One is astounded to find numerous butchers and fishmongers, including top restaurants slicing and cutting fish as well as prized portions of meat before selling them.

Clothing and textile shopping

Con Market

Tourists usually make a beeline for the inner section that house several stores selling local garments as well as trendy outfits at exceedingly affordable rates. People also choose to buy accessories and household items in this section while the upper levels are dedicated to textiles with many of the local fabrics being sold at throwaway prices. Tourists can also choose to get the fabrics stitched by the local tailors who have set up shops inside the market.

Food zones

The culinary area at Con market is divided into 2 areas: outdoor and indoor area.

Dry food zone

Con Market

This is the area that most tourists would visit when they come to Con Market, since not only can they buy and immediately try the items available, but they can also buy fresh and delicious dried products as a gift to their family and friends. Since dried food has very quality packaging. tourists do not have to worry when packing it in their luggage and bring it home. The variety of dried food here is great, and each type of dried food actually has a different taste, but they all have a common feature: the smell of the sea in Da Nang.

Food Court – Indoor Food Zone

Con Market

The indoor food court’s layout and arrangement is very neat and easy to follow. Along the path, it is divided into 2 neat and clean sides. On the left side, you can see many booths that trade sweet dishes such as tea, smoothies, fruits like pickled toad, pickled tamarind,… Looking to the right side this is the most interesting one you’ll see countless hot dishes that are ideal for main meals like breakfast, lunch or even dinner…

Some famous dishes are: all kinds of noodles (bun, pho, mien, mi,…), grilled meat vermicelli, banh beo, banh xeo, banh can, … Surprisingly, the price is extremely affordable, only fluctuating about USD 2 – USD 3/person for a full, delicious meal.

Street Food – Outdoor Food Zone

Con Market

The outdoor area of Con Market has always been known as the “snack paradise”. This is a place where you can visit anytime during the day to quickly grab something to eat and drink. There are a lot of snacks such as spring rolls, noodles, banh canh, quang noodles, beef dry salad, duck eggs, banh beo,… If you need some beverage to kill your thirst, the options for drink are also very wide: the famous Ca Phe Sua Da (Iced Milk Coffee), banana tea, rub pomegranate seeds,…

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Just like the indoor food court, the price is even cheaper out here. An interesting thing is that the sellers only need a few chairs and a small space with moderate space to serve a dish. That way, they can carry their booth to anywhere they want.

Best time to visit Con Market

Like many other traditional markets, Con Market opens very early for local people to buy wholesale items. The market closes at 7:30 pm, but you should arrive at least 1 hour in advance as shops will begin cleaning up by 6:30 pm. However, the street vendors around the market will continue to serve until night.

Reviews Con Market on Tripadvisor

I brought a lot of stuff which is cheaper than han market but the cheapest i got was in hoi an weekend night market

nikheel11 (Mauritius)

Went after than market and definitely recommend this market better. It’s calmer, cleaner and nicer in all ways. There is a food stall area with nice food, including a vegetarian stall and great avocado juice stalls.

Ida L (Uppsala, Sweden)

We had a quick brunch here, some local noodles and porridge. Most of the people there were elder locals, rarely any tourists or young people. We had fruit smoothie after that to keep us hydrated whilst walking around the market. Upstairs vendors were selling fabric, whole floor of it. We window shopped. My dad got a traditional Vietnamese straw hat and some fruits and that’s about it, nothing special. If you too want to have a feel of local market, you can try this one as it is in the city, very convenient to get to.

Melanie_Yeoh (Semenyih, Malaysia)

Getting to Con Market

Con market is located at the corner of Quang Trung and Ong Ich Khiem Street. It’s easy to get there by motorbike, bicycle or taxi/ car. However, you should note that car could not be allowed to park at this area.

Con Market

Con Market in Da Nang is one of the best places to go if you are an observer and want to look into the heart of the local community. It is also a pleasant place for shopping. If you are after some fresh fruit and vegetables, visit the market during the lunch time, or in the morning. Those, who would like to dine like real locals and try the local cuisine, should come here after 4 pm.