During the journey, you need to keep in touch with your family and to work from distance, especially for long trips. Following will present the way to make international phone calls while traveling to save money.

Getting a Phone in Da Nang

If you are bringing a cell phone from your home country, you can buy a SIM card at most cellphone shops, which they will cut, size, and install. The cards come with pre-paid minutes and 3G for about VND 200,000 however be sure to check the expiry on the package.

Call code for Vietnam: 84

Da Nang area code: 0236

Topping Up

Go to any phone store and most convenience stores to buy a scratch card with a 12 digit number on it, enter *100* then the 12 digit number followed by # to top up or top up online at

Phone Shops

Network Listings (customer services)

  • Viettel Mobile: 95 Hung Vuong, Da Nang City / Customer Service: 1900 8198
  • Mobifone: 150-152 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang City / Customer Service:1800 1090
  • Vinaphone: 26 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang City / Customer Service: 1800 1091
  • Vietnamobile: 1st Floor Vinh Trung Plaza, Da Nang City. / Customer Service: 789

English assistance for international services: 1800 1001 (free of charge)

Using phone

Dialing instructions for cell phone in Da Nang

  • Domestic calls: 0 + Area code + Phone number
  • International calls: 00 + Country code + Area code + Phone number
  • Use the services of 171, 177, 178, 179 to get lower costs. Notes: Foreign visitors can buy sim card at these places: – Agribank (Agriculture and Rural Development bank), Vietcombank, Eximbank at Arrival Terminal of Da Nang International Airport.
  • Buy mobile cards for telephone box at post offices
  • Buy prepaid cards for the services 1717, 1788, 1799 (the cost is lower than the direct call). How to call: 1717 (or 1788 or 1799) + Code on the card + Country code + Area code + Number.

Other services

  • Dial 1080: To get answer by operators
  • Call 1088: To connect with counselors
  • Call 801100: Auto responder

The internet and wifi

Access to the Internet is readily available throughout Da Nang. Nearly every restaurant, bar, and café in the city offers free WiFi access. 3G service is also available from any sim card of the major cell phone service providers can be found easily in phone shops and hotels. Da Nang city also has built a Wireless network which serve up to 20.000 connections at the same time to satisfy the need of tourist coming to Da Nang.

How to connect to Da Nang Wifi

You can enable Wifi on your device, the smartphone/tablet/laptop will give you a notice: “Welcome to demo system of Da Nang Wifi “, you will be provided some terms of use. After clicking “Agree”, the user will be given an ID and Password which are not allowed to edit and there is a note below: “You have 20 minutes to access the network.” Next, click “Login” and you can use the” free Wifi” in 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you need to get back to the first step for the next use.

Postal service

Post offices and mail boxes are put at visible places in the city and you can find stamps at any convenience stores.