City Monument



Address: Opposite the 2/9 square, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Open time: 07h30 – 21h00 Everyday

Price: Free

Visit duration: 30 minutes

Why City Monument is special

City Monument is the harmonic combination between modern architecture and innovative design but still remains spirit of nationalism.

What to explore at City Monument

The City Monument is about 45 meters high. The main layout consists of three wings forming three legs of the cauldron, creates the solid position of the monument to express the eternal idea and the valiant spirit of Vietnamese soldiers.

The creative point in architecture and design of the work is not only shown in the contours of the foot and body of this monument but also in the functional integration structure of the support. Under the towering block of this architecture, a solemn space is built to put incense burners, wreaths commemorating all the heroes and martyrs.

Similar to the Monument of others regions, the words “Nation’s Citation” is printed on the red flag with yellow star placed in the center along the monument to make it a solemn, powerful work and also express deep gratitude to the older generations who sacrificed in the war against foreign invaders, to bring peace, independence to the nation.

The work is the heart of Quang people to pay tribute to all the martyrs who sacrificed for the cause of national liberation.

Getting to City Monument

From Da Nang international airport: 4 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Da Nang train station: 6 km away, go by motorbike or bicycle

From Hoi An ancient town: 28 km away, go by taxi or bus

Map here