Breathtaking Images That Capture The Beauty of Cam Huong Stream


Nestled in Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, about 60km from the city centre, Cam Huong Stream is merged by many small springs. Viewed from above, Cam Huong looks like a soft silk ribbon winding through green-covered forest floors.

Starting from a mountain with majestic cliffs, this beautiful stream is as large as a creek, with turquoise flowing water and waterfalls creating eye-catching clouds of eye-catching white foam.

Cam Huong Stream features a charming natural setting
A path to the stream is majestic yet romantic
A picturesque view of the stream’s mysterious and pristine beauty
The allure of crystal-clear, turquoise water
Relaxing water flowing through rough rocks
The Stream is a great place for those who love taking self-adventure trips, exploring primeval forests, and conquering attractions in high altitudes