Breakfast at the Peak of Hai Van Pass


It is unusual to have a sunny day in the middle of raining season but if you decide to go away the city, that will be a perfect day. Waking up early around 06h00 in the morning and welcome you is a clear sky with the fresh air of last night’ rain. Pack up with some foods and warm tea then.

Hai Van Pass or so call Ocean Cloud Pass is an approximately 21 km long mountain pass on National Route 1A in Vietnam. It is a natural border that stands between Da Nang city and Hue province. Its name refers to the mists that rise from the sea, reducing visibility. Since the completion of Hai Van Tunnel, only few heavy vehicles would cross the pass and it is a good chance for travelers.

Don’t waste your chance of experiencing motorcycle in Vietnam to explore one of the most beautiful scene of Da Nang city. It will take you around 30 minutes to drive from the city center to the foot of the pass. Along the pass is nature but sometime you can see some houses and small restaurants that are once used to serve drivers and passengers when crossing the pass. Only few still open. Surrounding, you is wild flowers and wild fruits that can be seen along the street but the most amazing view is the scene of Da Nang city from the pass. On a day which is supposed to have heavy rain like this, you can see the whole city lost in the ocean of mists.

Take a look closer and you can see some wild raspberry growing aside the road. Don’t forget the chance to take some photos and try some fresh gifts of the nature.

Since it just takes around 30 minutes – 60 minutes to drive from the bottom to the top, you should arrive to peak around 07h00 or just a bit later. Take a breath of fresh air.

At this time, you can enjoy your breakfast while sitting at the peak of the pass. Clouds are flying above your head, chill wind is flowing around your with fresh and watery air. It is quite early in the morning in this season so you can see a few truck, some people go to Da Nang by motorcycle and sometime some lonely travelers as well.

Boil Egg
Green Tea

It is truly amazing to have breakfast at such wonderful place like this. Also, don’t forget to clean up after having your meals, travel is green.