Beautiful and Peaceful Ancient Village in The City’s Outskirts


Nestled in Hoa Vang District’s Hoa Chau Commune, around 10 km southwest of Da Nang, the Phong Nam ancient village has about 700 years of history and retains many of the features of a traditional Vietnamese village.

Despite its long history, Phong Nam still boasts unique characteristics with many interesting features, including lush green paddy fields, beautiful bamboo, and pathways between over 100-year-old houses and temples, plus the lifestyles of local farmers.

The Phong Nam communal house lies quietly under the Bodhi tree along a path leading to the namesake ancient village where Ong Ich Khiem, a talented General under the reign of the Nguyen feudal dynasty, was born.

Green bamboo clusters shade internal paths, evoking the old world air of peace and tranquility of an ancient village.

The former Phong Le village originally consisted of 2 parts: one was Phong Nam, which now belongs to Hoa Vang District, and the other was Phong Bac, which now belongs to Cam Le District. In particular, the village boasts numerous examples of such old architectural works as time-honoured temples, pagodas, holy places, and family houses of worship.

Along a path leading to the Phong Nam ancient village are many houses of worship which have been frequently refurbished

A view of the Ngo Tat Family worshipping house

Peaceful atmosphere is seen at a house of worship dedicated to the Phong Le Village founders. The venue is one of the landmark spiritual venues of the Phong Le Village, and the ‘Dang Trong’ area as a whole. ‘Dang Trong’ (Inner Half) was an area of Vietnamese southwards expansion, later enlarged to become Cochinchina, during the 17th century Trinh-Nguyen War.

The house of worship features the unique architectural characteristics with 4 supernatural creatures: dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix, amongst other subtle patterns.

The place of worship is dedicated to the founding members of about 30 clans in total. This venue plays an important role in the spiritual, religious and cultural life of the local residents.

Phong Nam is now home to about four nearly 200-year-old houses. Here is an ancient house owned by Ms Ong Thi Mang

Ms Mang is third-generation descendant living in this ancient house which is used to worship the Ong Family

The house is roofed with curved Yin-and-yang tiles which feature the cultural communal architectural style.

Experiencing the vicissitudes of the history, especially under the impacts of the urbanisation, the Phong Nam village still keeps intact some of the unique architectural characteristics of a traditional Vietnamese village.


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