Funny Time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang


Surprisingly, unexpectedly, has… are the strongest exclamations to talk about the feelings of many visitors when coming to 3D Art museum. Here you will experience the “high” of many vivid 3D paintings and enjoy checking in quality.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Why 3D Art Museum is special?

3D Art Museum uses techniques to turn 2-dimensional pictures into 3D images through optical illusion effects. Coming here, you will admire the many dimensions of real life space. You will be transformed into the main characters in that overall picture.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

3D Art Museum has the perfect combination of sound, light and images to create a lively and eye-catching scene. Most pictures will be painted on ceilings, floors, and walls. The details in the work always bring a feeling of bounce off the ground, causing many eyes to be amazed and admired.

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What to explore at 3D Art Museum

It’s very different from common art museums, it lets you to be a part of the art. 3D Art museum is built on an interesting new way where valuable artworks are combined with fun & touching ideas. The museum is an amazing artistic indoor entertainment place.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

The 2-floored museum building includes over 4.000m2, and has 9 zones, each distinguished by themes.

1st floor area

Opical area: Coming to the opical area at 3D painting museum, you will admire the lifelike pictures. Each painting work is meticulously staged. For those who like vibrant colors, this is the place you cannot miss when coming to the museum.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Classic area: Classic area is the convergence of many multidimensional spaces, combining 3D space and visual arts. Only those factors make this place a bit funny and unique. Entering here you will be transformed into the main actor in beautiful contexts.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Aqua area: Many friends coming to the Aqua area in Da Nang 3D art museum share the same feeling that is amazing. This is an area where you will feel like you are exploring the vast oceanic world. Images such as sharks, corals, aquariums, sunken ships, fish kingdom… are all beautifully rendered in 3D.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Safari area: What impresses in the Safari area is that the pictures are all large in size. All paintings are made from images of many types of wildlife. Its realism definitely makes you admire. Here you think you are going back to the green forest with all kinds of animals, streams, birds…

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Fantasy area: Entering the Fantasy area, you own a ticket back to childhood memories with a series of simulated pictures of the fairytale world, the characters in fairy tales.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

2nd floor area

World zone: If you are passionate about the world’s unique landscapes and works, go to the World zone area. The paintings here are depicting unique symbols of the world. No need to go anywhere, you also have the opportunity to travel the world through vivid 3D paintings.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Egyption area: The Egyption area at 3D painting museum will bring you a world of Egypt through vivid paintings. Here you will be free to check in, learn about the famous Egyptian civilization for a while.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Mysterious area: When entering the mysterious room area, you will be amazed at the uniqueness of the 3D paintings. That is the image of miniature cities, high-rise buildings, … Try coming here once to enjoy pictures and check in virtual live offline.

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

Notes when going to 3D Art Museum 

  • You should use your phone to take pictures instead of the camera because the light, the shooting angle at 3D painting museum is designed to check in by phone.

  • You should choose the time when you feel most alert in the day to be able to check in and be creative.

  • Choose from light-colored outfits to make your virtual live photos stand out.

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Reviews 3D Art Museum on Tripadvisor

Brilliant place to have a laugh and take lods of pictures well worth the money as the art work is amazing.

Jakebarker1996 (Rayleigh, UK)

We’ve been to a few 3D museums around SE Asia & this one was very done. The themes were fun & the art was well done! Inexpensive & we went on a Monday after, so we had the entire place to ourselves!

2TravelU (Beijing, China)

This is a well designed 3d museum with loads of themed rooms. I particularly enjoyed the art room and interactive room. Came here because it was a rainy day in Đà Nẵng.

Travel Linkr (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Getting to 3D Art Museum

Funny time at 3D Art Museum in Da Nang

The museum is located in the city, away from the downtown area. To get to 3D art museum, you can choose to ride a motorbike, taxi or bus. If traveling by bus, you should go to the number 9, number 12. When you get off the bus stop, you have to walk about 5-10 minutes to reach the museum.