Han Market: Shopping, Food Court, Timings


Good news for shopping lovers, there’s a market in Da Nang that meets the standard of being sizable, has high-quality and diverse goods at a fair price, and is situated in an ideal location. The market which have just mentioned above is Han Market, one of the best and most famous markets and tourist attractions in Da Nang city. Let’s go to Han Market to enjoy a wonderful shopping journey.

Where Han Market is located?

Han Market

Han Market is located in the heart of Da Nang city and offers 28,000 square metres of noisy shopping opportunities. It can be said Han Market does not only dominate an excellent location which is right in the city centre and adjacent to 4 major streets which are Bach Dang, Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc and Hung Vuong, but it’s also close by Han River Bridge, one of the must-visit destination in Da Nang. Hence, there’s no doubt that Han Market is always packed with both locals and visitors daily.

Why Han Market is special

Han Market

From a small trading place born during the French domination, Han market has gradually developed into a big one thanks to being situated on the convenient road and sea traffic. Named after the Han River, the market came into operation in the 1940s and was rebuilt in 1989 with a completely new look. The beautiful two-floored design and tidy arrangement of commodities help people feel comfortable when going to the market. The market is not only known for an abundance of commodities but the reasonable prices of items also. It is truly a good place for shopping among more than 50 markets in Da Nang city.

What to explore at Han Market

There are four basic sections, spread over two floors.

Han Market

The first floor is where local shops for fresh vegetables, seafood, and butchered meat in the early morning. There are also many fruit stalls set in front of the market, where you can purchase tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes, durian, and jackfruit. If you like dried fruit you will be in the right place. The stalls also offer dried shrimp and squid as well. You can also stock up on some delicious fresh bread, nuts, cakes, candies and coffee.
If you would like to try some fresh and cheap street food then Han Market is the place to go. Just below the staircase you will find many Vietnamese dishes such rice noodles with marinated beef and pork and buns steamed in banana leaves, mi quang (Vietnamese turmeric noodles) and banh xeo (crispy pancake) and goi cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls)…..

Han Market

The second floor is where you can purchase home appliances, souvenirs, cosmetics, and fabrics. Some of Da Nang’s top tailors also set up shop in Han Market, making it a great place to get quality yet affordable custom made suits and dresses. The prices are affordable and the clothes are of good quality. If you would like to design your own outfit, or have something to repair, then walk all around the floor until you find women sitting at the sewing machines. On the opposite side of the floor, men sitting there will repair or make shoes just for you.

Best time to visit Han Market

Han Market

Han Market opens between 06:00 and 11:00 and then after 16:00, when the market is bursting with activity rather than asleep. If you are coming from coming from Hoi An, the bus stops straight outside, otherwise it’s just a short walk from the big bridge on Bach Dang. Da Nang’s second biggest market, Con Market is nearby just off Hung Vuong street, which is easily walkable from Han Market. The Cham Museum is a 10-minute walk from the Bach Dang exit just by the Dragon Bridge, where you can also grab a boat for a Han River cruise.

Reviews Han Market on Tripadvisor

As in any Asian market, it’s the place to get almost anything. From vegetable to apparel. From souvenirs to electrical appliances. Just about anything. We spent two hours just to have enough time to get what we want since many of the stores are selling identical products. You do get some good bargain.

Itravel0ne (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

The market has food products downstairs and clothing upstairs. We bought plastic fake Nike slides for 100k per pair and dri fit tshirts for 70k, a bit more for long sleeved ones. Bargain hard, start at 50% of their asking price esp if you’re there before noon. Most stores sell the same thing, so don’t be afraid to walk away and try a different store. Also their sizing can be a bit off so try before you buy! Men’s shirts are Asian sizing so you might need a much larger size. I turned the shirts inside out to check the stitching.

mellieann (Thornhill, Canada)

This is 2 stories of compact crazy shopping. I felt claustrophobic after 15 minutes. If you are up for crowds, tight spaces, bargaining… Go for it. Clothing and shoes mostly upstairs and foodstuffs downstairs

Denise J (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)

Getting to Han Market

Han market is located in the center of the city among 4 streets: Tran Phu St, Bach Dang St, Hung Vuong St, Tran Hung Dao St. It’s easy to get there by motorbike, bicycle or taxi/ car. However, you should note that car could not be allowed to park at this area.

Han Market in Da Nang city is one of the places not to be missed, especially if this is your first time in Vietnam. You will have chance for shopping and also see the local people shopping activities. Walking insides the market and from that you may know how about local living standard. But don’t forget to buy some local product for your souvenir.