Vietnamese Folk Game


Location: Dragon Bridge Park                                            Time: 19h00 every Weekends 

The song of the monitor of the game in bài chòi attracting the locals and tourists passing by Dragon Bridge Park…

2 nights per week (Saturday and Sunday), from 19h00 to 21h30 on the pavement of Tran Hung Dao street, near Dragon Bridge, Bài chòi performance helps creating an exciting and entertaining atmosphere along the river banks.

Each player will receive a board (VND 20,000 each) with 3 different cards and wait for the songs of the monitor. The game ends when there is a winner (with all 3 cards announced).

At the moment, Bài chòi performance is organized by Bài chòi Folk Club (City’s Culture Center). The club consists of 15 members and volunteers who are excellent artists of Bài chòi (Do Huu Quy, Vo Thi ninh, Le The Dan).